Paint Your Bedroom Like A Pro

February 10, 2021

How To Paint Your Bedroom Like A Professional

If you want to paint your bedroom like a pro then you're in the right place. Here, at Beds On Legs, we've compiled a list of steps that you should employ to paint your bedroom perfectly. Whilst it might seem easy peasy to pick up a roller and slap on a bit of paint, careful planning ensures a great result. After all, a perfect paint job makes the ideal backdrop for a well designed bedroom. Indeed, poor paintwork can distract from the overall look. So before you grab your armoury to paint your bedroom, read our top tips here. For more design inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page.

Paint Your Bedroom

Preparation Is Key

Before you decide to crack open the paint tin you need to prepare, prepare and prepare some more. We know this is the dull and time consuming but this is the stage that can make or break your finished result. Indeed, get the preparation right and the rest will go like a dream. First and foremost you should either cover or remove any furniture. The last thing you want is your prized chest of drawers covered in paint splatters! Also ensure that you cover any carpets. Having done this you can then remove door handles and loosen light switch and socket fascias. This will ensure you can easily paint around them.

The next step is to ensure that wall surfaces and woodwork is as smooth as possible. If there are holes that need filling it is easiest to use a ready made filler. Once dried, use fine sandpaper to get a level finish. At this point you should also lightly sand all woodwork. Firstly, this will take out imperfections and secondly it will help the paint to adhere.

Once you have completed this step you can then give your walls and woodwork a thorough clean. This ensures that dust and sawdust doesn't get trapped in the paintwork. A damp cloth and bucket of soapy water will suffice. When you're done and dusted, grab your weapons and paint your bedroom like the true pro that you are.

Paint Your Bedroom By Starting At The Top

When you start to paint your bedroom you should begin with the ceiling. Therefore, if you get any drips from the ceiling they can be easily wiped off. Using a roller is the easiest way to do this. You will also get the best finish. Once you are happy that the ceiling has been evenly covered you can then move onto the walls. Before you get going with your roller you should start by 'cutting' in. This is the term that professional decorators use to describe the process of painting to the edges, Indeed , the best tool for this is an angled paintbrush and a steady hand! Also keep a cloth nearby for any slip ups.

Once this has all been done you can then get cracking with the walls. You should always start at the top of the wall and roller up and down uniformly. Two to three coats is normally enough to get a uniformed finish.

Now all the ceiling and walls are done you can move onto the woodwork. First and foremost you should use a paint primer/undercoat to ensure the best finish possible. Ideally two coats of primer/undercoat should be applied. Having done this you can now move on to final phase. Most people use gloss for woodwork, but if you prefer a flatter finish then you can use a satin paint. The key here is to be super patient. Take breaks if you need to and sand between coats if required. Now you've finished painting your bedroom, step back, admire your hard work and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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