Dry January Can Improve Sleep

February 10, 2021

How Dry January Can Improve Sleep

If you've had one too many shandy's over the Christmas period then you may be considering Dry January. Without a doubt, the new year is a great time to close the doors on your drinks cabinet and give your body and liver a break. Dry January can have a number of positive effects on both the body and the mind. Indeed, it can also give the purse or wallet a much needed boost too! Here at Beds On Legs we're particularly interest in the way that Dry January can improve sleep. After all, good quality sleep is our little obsession.

Dry January Can Improve Sleep

How Alcohol Negatively Impacts Sleep

Many of us are guilty of a night cap or two to get us swiftly off to the land of nod. You may even consider Dry January unfounded hype, that's just another trendy social media hashtag. However, there's a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that dry can improve sleep. As can cutting down on alcohol for the rest of the year. Party poopers, we know!

Whilst you may feel that alcohol can hep you relax into sleep, unfortunately the quality is impaired. This is because you experience micro awakenings after alcohol consumption. You probably won't notice them, but experiments have proved that they do occur. Therefore, you're not getting the deep nourishing sleep that you deserve. Indeed, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much your energy will increase once you cut the booze. Imagine the novelty of jumping out of bed in the morning, full or energy and no sign of a thick head. Sounds good doesn't it? The fact that Dry January can improve sleep just got a whole lot more enticing!

If Dry January Can Improve Sleep, How Soon Will I Notice The Effects?

If you're partial to a tipple or three you might find that initially your sleep worsens. We know, that's not what you're signing up for! Indeed, in the first few days you may even notice an increase in restlessness and dare we say it, insomnia. But be patient, as persistence will pay off. After the first week has passed and you're getting used to a booze free life, you'll start sleeping like a log! Not that logs sleep, but you catch our drift. In fact, numerous people realise that as Dry January can improve sleep they don't want to go back to their old behaviours. In fact, according to alchol change up to 70 percent of people experience improved sleep and health. As a result the large majority of people keep an eye on their drinking and continue to experience the benefits.

How Do I Make Dry January Happen?

The best thing to do is to make a commitment. This could involve signing up to Dry January, telling friends and family or posting on your social media accounts. This will help keep you accountable and on track. Furthermore, you should try and plan ahead. This means getting some tasty alternative drinks in and finding positives way to relax. Draw up a plan with actions to help you stay strong when you feel temptation arise. This could involve ringing a good friend of going out for a refreshing walk. Indeed, once you realise how Dry January can improve sleep you'll stand a good chance of having a healthier 2021.

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