New Winged Ottoman Beds

January 10, 2019

Winged Ottoman Beds

New Winged Ottoman Beds At Beds on Legs

We're as proud as punch as Beds on Legs to introduce our new winged Ottoman beds. We don't mind admitting that these newbies are pretty lust worthy. When bring in new lines to our range we make sure that only the best are selected. Indeed we only want to offer our customers the bees knees. We pride ourselves on offering only quality products. After all we wouldn't be able to sleep at night if we didn't think our beds were top notch! When it comes to winning in the style stakes we think these new winged Ottoman beds fit the bill.

Bees Knees Emma Winged Divan / Ottoman Bed

If you like a big bed for your buck then you'll adore our Emma. She's super striking and will stand out in any bedroom. If you long to create the look of a boutique hotel then look no further. With an oversized headboard measuring a whopping 184cms our Emma has real stature. Equally as exciting the Emma is available in a number of fabrics. For Hollywood glamour you might select a plush velvet fabric. Or if you prefer urban cool you could select one of the herringbone fabrics.

Winged Ottoman Beds

Furthermore the Bees Knees Emma is available with various storage options. As a divan you can opt to have two drawers or four drawers. However if your feeling particularly storage greedy you can upgrade to the Ottoman version which can hold four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan.

Bees Knees Nora Winged Divan / Ottoman Bed

Eeh by gum our Nora will definitely impress you . If you want your bed to stand out from the crowd then you need to get our Nora in your bedroom. Indeed out of all our new winged Ottoman beds we think Nora is our most contemporary option. Available in multiple fabrics, from herringbone to flat weave you can customise your bed so it's perfect for you. If you are having trouble on deciding which fabric to chose then don't hesitate to ask for samples. Again you can purchase the Nora as a standard divan with or without drawers. As with our other new winged Ottoman beds the Nora can be upgraded to an Ottoman bed too.

Winged Ottoman Beds

Bees Knees Bella Winged Divan / Ottoman Bed

Our Bella is aptly named as she is a beauty to behold. When we first saw this bed we fell in love at first sight and we're sure you will too. What's more our Bella has a timeless beauty that will remain for years to come. Styled in a classic chesterfield style we think the Bella bed will soon become one of our iconic models. Again you can customise the storage options with either drawers or Ottoman storage.

Bees Knees Kinsley Divan/Ottoman Bed

Last but by no means least we present to you the Kinsley bed. We like to think of the Kinsley as unfussy and uncomplicated. If you like to keep your furniture streamlined and simple then this bed will tick all the boxes. Again the Kinsley is particularly more suited to a contemporary setting. As with all the beds in our Bees Knees range there are various storage options.

So that's our latest selection of new winged Ottoman beds. Now the hard bit is choosing which bed to go far. Don't forget all our fabrics can be ordered as samples. If you're in need of some design inspiration then why not visit our Pinterest page.

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