How To Create A Boutique Hotel Feel Bedroom

January 10, 2019

How To Create A Boutique Hotel Feel Bedroom

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Boutique Hotel

The kids are back to school, the sun has gone in to hiding and your holiday seems like it was years ago. As the seasons change it is normal to hanker after that holiday feeling. As the nights draw in you can start to feel a little glum. So how do you make yourself better apart from booking another holiday? Well we think a great place to start is by creating a sanctuary in your bedroom. This blog is specifically about creating the boutique hotel feel. Indeed with the right décor you'll feel like your sleeping in five star luxury every night.

Boutique Hotel Feel

Getting The Right Bed To Create The Boutique Hotel Feel.

Getting the right bed is absolutely crucial when trying to recreate the look of a boutique hotel. The focus should be about luxury and relaxation. The bed needs to be the shining star of the bedroom. There is no room for shrinking violets. Indeed the beds that are particularly suited to creating this look feature oversized headboard. Furthermore you might want to consider one of our fabric beds as the texture can help to creating a feeling of opulence.

Stick To Simple Plain White Bedding

White bedding is the hallmark of most boutique hotels. Let's be honest after a long day nothing feels as good as diving under freshly laundered white covers. In fact there have been studies that show that people actually sleep better in white covers. So if your longing to create that boutique hotel look it needs to be all white on the night. Furthermore we recommend investing in quality duvet covers so that you can feel the luxury next to your skin.

Keep Clutter Out

Keeping your bedroom in pristine condition is also key in creating this five star look. Having a bedroom that is littered with dirty laundry etc. is not conducive to relaxation. If storage is an issue and you don't want to get rid of your possessions then it might be advisable to invest in a storage bed. You can have a divan with drawers. Or if you've got so much stuff you need another bedroom then you might want to consider an Ottoman bed. If you need some clever storage ideas then why not visit our Pinterest page.

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