New Mattress, How To Look After Yours

February 10, 2021

New Mattress

The 101 On How to Look After your New Mattress

So you've took the plunge and got a new mattress. You've researched mattresses more than you thought possible and you've learnt far to much about the benefits of pocket springs and memory foam. You practically feel like you could sell one yourself. However, once your lovely new mattress has arrived at your home do you know how to look after it? Oh no, not more research you think to yourself. Well have no fear as we've written this handy guide on how to look after your new mattress so that you will get the best out of it for years to come. So have a read, take it in and get back to treating a mattress as you should...for sleeping and resting on!

New Mattress

Unwrap Immediately

This may seem obvious but some people store their new mattresses in garages and other damp places. It is always best if you can unwrap it immediately. You should not store your mattress in damp conditions. If you don't need your mattress straight away, we are always happy to store it in our purpose built warehouse.

So once your mattress is in your home take all the plastic packaging off and let it breathe. It is best to have a window open so that fresh air can circulate around it. New mattresses sometimes have a faint chemical smell, this will evaporate within a few days once the packaging is off.

Let It Breathe

It is a good idea to let your mattress breathe on a regular basis. You could do this daily before you make your bed. Alternatively you could air it when you change your bedding and giving it an airing for a few hours. This might be the more convenient option for most.

Turn Baby Turn

It is advisable to turn mattresses on regular basis. Always defer to the manufacturers instructions as regarding turning. Turning your new mattress regularly helps to keep settlement even. In the first three months you should turn it regularly and after that monthly or bi monthly is sufficient.


A mattress protector can really help to lengthen the life of a mattress and keep it looking brand spanking new. We always advise getting a washable mattress protector so stains can be dealt with efficiently.

It's Not a Trampoline

As much as we don't like to be killjoys you need to treat your mattress with respect. Whilst it can be tempting to allow your children to bounce on your bed, or you may even fancy it yourself, a bed is not built for such treatment. So place a ban on the gymnastics and keep your bed for the job it is intended for.

Spring Clean

Over the years we lose pounds of dead skin, yuk we know!, a lot of which will go into your bed. That's not to mention all the dust particle that might get trapped in there. So every now and again get your hoover out and give it good spring clean. Also use this opportunity to deal with any stains that might have been missed.

So all the basic points and you're free to go. If you want some independent advice on mattresses the Sleep Council is an excellent place to start. If you want to have a look at all the mattresses we have on offer then click here

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