The End Lift Ottoman Bed for all your Storage Needs

February 10, 2021

Beautiful and Practical, the End Lift Ottoman Bed

If you're looking for more storage then an end lift Ottoman bed could be your secret weapon. These beds are the masters of disguise. To the untrained eye you would never know that an end lift Ottoman has such a copious amount of storage on offer. Indeed these beds don't compromise on style in favour of practicality. Ottoman beds have become increasingly popular over the last few years and this is in part due to the fact they have had a makeover. Practical doesn't have to mean boring and once you have an end lift Ottoman bed you'll wonder why you didn't buy one sooner.

End Lift Ottoman Bed

How Much Storage Does an End Lift Ottoman have?

If you thought a Divan bed with 4 drawers offered you the most amount of storage then think again. Ottoman beds offer up to four times the amount of storage. That's a lot of extra squirreling space for all your worldly goods. This is because an end lift Ottoman bed utilises all the available space beneath the bed.

End Lift Ottoman Bed

Is it Hard to Lift up and End Lift Ottoman Bed?

If you're worried that your biceps aren't up to the job then don't panic. Accessing the storage is as easy as ABC. This is thanks to some clever design in the form of hydraulics pistons that do all the leg work for you. Well technically arm work but you catch our drift.

End Lift Ottoman Bed

What Styles Are Available?

We make it our business to offer a comprehensive range of beds as we know the importance of having ample choice. Our fabric Ottoman beds are unequivocally the shinning stars of the moment. Demand for these beds is so high that we've made it our mission to offer as many variables as possible. From sophisticated sleighs to winged back wonders we've got every style covered. And that's not all, as we offer more colours than an dulux colour chart. This means you can get the colour that is just right for you.

End Lift Ottoman Bed

We also offer an ample choice of wooden Ottoman beds which are coming up on the heels of our fabric beds. Wooden beds are perennially in fashion and so purchasing one of these beds is a wise long term investment. Take a peek at out Pinterest board if you're looking for some style inspiration.

End Lift Ottoman Bed

Can I Get Finance On An End Lift Ottoman Bed?

A lot of our Ottoman beds are over £500.00 which means you can take advantage of our interest free credit. This means you can spread the cost over 6 to 12 months . If you purchase a bed over £1000.00 you can even spread the cost over 24 months.

End Lift Ottoman Bed

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