Need A Bed Quickly? See Our Fast Track Delivery Section.

June 23, 2022

Fast Track Delivery

In a Hurry? View Our Fast Track Delivery Section 

If you need a bed in a hurry, then you have to take a nosey at our fast-track delivery section! Indeed, there could be a number of reasons why you need a bed in a hurry. Perhaps you’ve got visitors descending on you unexpectedly or you’ve got a bed that has just broken. Or it may be that you just can’t wait to get your bedroom all done and dusted. Whatever reason you have for needing a bed in a hurry, we’ve got oodles of options for you to choose from. If you need a bed in hurry and can’t wait a moment longer then just click here.  Here is just a small selection of what is available from our fast-track delivery section.  

Fast Track Delivery

Love Sleep Wooden Ottoman Bed in White.

If you want wooden bed that will go in absolutely any decorative scheme, then you can go wrong with our Love Sleep Wooden Ottoman bed in white. This classic bed is a firm favourite with our customers which is why we believe it deserves a place in our fast-track delivery section. What’s more, it offers valuable storage space which makes this bed multi-functional. Indeed, the Love Sleep Wooden Ottoman bed is a great solution for small spaces where storage may be limited.

Fast Track Delivery

Swift Wooden Guest Bed.

If you’ve got guests suddenly arriving and you haven’t got anywhere to put them up then a guest bed is a great option. Guest beds are clever little creations and great for small bedrooms if you need to sleep two people. Indeed, when not in use, a guest bed only takes up the space of a single bed. The second bed is housed underneath the main bed and can be pulled out when required. The Swift wooden guest bed has been put in our fast-track delivery section as it is our most popular guest bed and is highly rated by our customers.

Fast Track Delivery

Brandon Ottoman Bed.

We’ve got multiple fabric beds in our fast-track delivery section and the Brandon is just one option. Grey beds are still as popular as ever thanks to their neutral colour. Without a doubt grey beds look fantastic with every colour of the rainbow making them a great investment piece if you like to change your colour scheme regularly.  The Brandon is also an ottoman storage bed which makes it practical to boot.

Fast Track Delivery

Sleepsoul Space Pillow Top Mattress.

Perhaps you need a mattress in a hurry, well you’re in luck because we’ve got a wide selection of mattresses for you to choose from. If you are looking for a mattress for yourself and you want a mattress that has been independently rated, then you can’t go wrong with the Sleepsoul Space Mattress. Indeed, this mattress has been awarded the prestigious Best Buy Which? award. Therefore you can purchase this with knowledge that it has been rigorously tested and approved. You can read more about the Sleepsoul Space pillow top mattress here

Fast Track Delivery


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