Bring On The Glamour With A Luxe Bedroom

February 10, 2021

Be A Glamour Puss With A Luxe Bedroom

If you want a luxe bedroom that will feel like a million dollars then there are plenty of tricks you can use. In a world that has become increasingly stressful nothing can feel better than retreating to a luxe bedroom at the end of the day. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, the place were you can completely unwind. Your bedroom should be the one place where you feel like royalty. A luxe bedroom should incorporate lots of different materials, quality furnishings and lighting that will make your bedroom sparkle.

Luxe Bedroom

Invest In A Statement Bed

In a luxe bedroom then the bed should be the star of the show. It is pointless investing in beautiful bedding etc if your bed isn't setting the standard. Here at Beds On Legs we've got oodles of beds that will fit the bill perfectly. Arguably some of the most glamorous beds are our fabric beds. Indeed, these beds not only look fantastic but they feel sumptuous to touch too. After all creating a luxe bedroom should be about stimulating all the senses. If you really want to bring out the glamour guns then you should consider one of our beds with an over sized headboard. These beds are a great way of giving you that luxurious boutique look.

Luxe Bedroom

Whilst we are talking about bedding let's not forget about the all important scatter cushions and throws. Without a doubt, adding some classy cushions and an elegant throw can really up your game. Furthermore, switching up your soft furnishings is a great way of updating your look.

Don't Scrimp On The Bedding

Whilst we don't believe that a luxe bedroom should cost a small fortune we do believe in quality bedding. Indeed, quality bedding will pay you back tenfold. This is because it can improve sleep quality as well as making your bed more welcoming. The only problem is that you might not want to get out out of bed in the morning! If you're hankering after the hotel chic look then stick with quality white bedding. The other added advantage of white bedding is that is goes with whatever colour palette you chose.

Luxe Bedroom


Use Metallic Accents

Nothing screams glamour quite like a smattering of metallic accents. Indeed every glamorous bedroom deserves a bit of shine. Be it brass, gold or silver all these metals will add depth and luxury to a bedroom. The key is not to over do it. Too much of a good thing could leave your bedroom looking more like an amusement arcade than a luxurious retreat. Try just adding some metallic side tables or your could bring metallics in through your lighting.

Luxe Bedroom

Set the Mood With Luxurious Lighting

Bedroom lighting should not be an afterthought. The right lighting can alter the whole mood of the bedroom. Ideally you should have both overhead lighting and bedside lights. If you don't have room for bedside lets then you could consider wall lights instead. Lighting is also the perfect way of introducing metallic accents into your bedroom.

Luxe Bedroom

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