February 10, 2021 2 min read

Create A Green Bedroom For A Restful Space

Create a serene escape with a green bedroom and you'll be floating off to the land of nod in no time. Without a doubt green has to be one of the most restful colours. Therefore, it makes sense to create a green bedroom. Indeed, your bedroom should be the most chilled out room of the house. After all this is were you rejuvenate and repair. What's more, green comes in a variety of shades from mossy greens, to olives and to more jewel like tones. Therefore, there is bound to be a shade that fits beautifully in your home. Added to that, green combines wonderfully with other colours such as blush pinks, yellows and even certain shades of blue.

Green Bedroom

Go Botanical

Green is reminiscent of the great outdoors. Therefore, if you want to bring the outdoors in then why not go botanical. Indeed, creating a botanical green bedroom is the perfect way of celebrating the beauty of nature. You could incorporate a feature wall that has a botanical print and paint the remainder of the walls in an earthy sage green. Or if you prefer you could bring the pattern in through your soft furnishings such as your bedding and curtains. Furthermore, if your designing a contemporary space then there are lots of bold and exotic prints that would fit the bill perfectly.

One thing you should be certain to do in a botanical green bedroom is add in house plants. The benefits of house plants are numerous. Firstly, they breathe life into a room. Secondly, they encourage calmness and relaxation. Finally, they have those all important air purifying qualities.

Green Bedroom

Mix Green With Blush Pink

Green and blush pink is a colour combination made in heaven. When paired together these colours will make your eyes smile and your heart sing. Furthermore team this combination with gold accessories and you'll have a bedroom that screams luxury. If you want to create a modern bedroom then why not start with one of our blush pink fabric beds. A little bit out of the ordinary a blush pink bed will stand out as a focal point in a bedroom. Furthermore, combining green with blush pink means that you can add a bit of femininity without it screaming princess.

Green Bedroom


Go Bold With Emerald Green

If you like to have fun with colour then go bold with emerald green. Not for the faint hearted and definitely for the brave an emerald green bedroom can be an enlivening space. Furthermore, bold colours are hot news in contemporary spaces so this could be just the colour you're looking for. Emerald green also has the advantage of showing artwork off beautifully. So if you've got some artwork that wants to shine then it deserves a bold backdrop. An emerald green bedroom would also be befitting of rich ochre accessories. You could introduce ochre into your bedding or perhaps indulge in an ochre bedroom chair if you really want to create the wow factor.

Green Bedroom