Is It Time For A New Mattress?

June 26, 2021

Looking For A New Mattress?


Has your mattress got more lumps and bumps than a roller coaster? Then maybe it is time you invested in brand spanking new mattress. Did you know that on average you should replace your mattress every 6 to 8 years? If your mattress has seen better days then your body and mind could be crying out for a new mattress. Without a doubt, sleep is one of the pillars for great health. If your mattress is creaking and sagging then you could be suffering the consequences. If you're not waking up revived and refreshed or your aching where you shouldn't then a new mattress could be in order. Unfortunately, too many people place high value on the aesthetic looks of a bed and will sacrifice the mattress to attain this. However, if you value your sleep then you really need to take a long hard look at your mattress. Plus who doesn't want a good night's kip?

New Mattress


How To Know If You Need To Upgrade Your Mattress?


Let's be honest a mattress isn't something you purchase every day. Therefore, it can feel a little tricky to fathom out when you actually need to upgrade your mattress. Don't panic, we're here to point out the key factors that are great indicators that the time has come:-

New Mattress


  • Sagging is an indication that materials and springs have started to break down and are no longer giving you the support you need.

  • Waking up with joint pain that you can't attribute to anything else could also be a sign to upgrade.

  • Struggling to get comfortable on a night. Tossing and turning to get a comfy spot could mean that your mattress doesn't suit your needs any more

  • Impressions count. If your mattress 'remembers' your body, in I.e. it doesn't return to it's original shape is a definite sign you need a new mattress

  • Your allergies are increasing. As disgusting as it sounds your mattress harbours your dead skin. The older your mattress, the more dead skin it will hold. This makes it the perfect place for dust mites to live. As a result, an old mattress can increase your allergies.


What To Look For When Buying A New Mattress


New Mattress

Once you've established that you're in the market for a mattress you''ll need to know what to look for. Indeed, once you start looking at mattresses you may start to get bamboozled by all the different options out there. Here are the key points should be looking at:-


  • Size matters: First and foremost make sure you know the exact size of the mattress you require. If you're also buying a new base, make sure your new mattress is correct for your bed.

  • Cost: We always advise spending as much as you can afford. Remember, you spend three quarters of your life in bed.  A mattress is an important investment for both physical and mental health. Furthermore, we offer finance so you can split the cost of your purchase.

  • Spring System: There are 2 main spring systems if you're purchasing a sprung mattress. Firstly there is open coil which means this spring runs from head to foot in a continuous line. This spring system is the most economical. Secondly, there is the pocket sprung system. Each spring is individually housed and therefore offers better support for your body. The higher the spring count, the better the mattress. This is because the springs become smaller and therefore more supportive.

  • Fillings: Fillings are the icing on the cake when it comes to mattresses. Economical fillings are usually man made such as polyester. Natural fillings are also available which include wool and cashmere. Finally there is memory foam and latex. Both materials conform to your body to give unrivaled support.

  • Firmness Rating: Finally you need to consider how firm you need your mattress. Our mattresses are rated from soft to firm. Most people prefer and benefit from a medium firmness.


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