How To Sleep Better In Summer

June 23, 2021

Sleep Better In Summer

Want To Sleep Better In Summer?

If you're looking for ways to sleep better in Summer then you've come to the right spot. Indeed, trying to get a descent kip in summer can sometimes feel like going ten rounds with Mike Tyson in a Sauna. Whilst we don't want to sound like kill joys, sleeping in summer can be a real challenge. From hot, sweaty nights to sun beaming through windows, sleeping in summer isn't always easy. In the winter months as we're all freezing our tootsies off that actually sounds like an idyllic situation. However, the stark reality is that sometimes hot and balmy nights can be a challenge when trying to get some shut eye. Here are our top 5 tips if you want to sleep better in Summer.


Sleep Better In Summer


Sleep Better In Summer – Keep Your Bedroom Cool


The number one complaint that we hear in summer is that it's impossible to sleep when the temperature is scorching outside. Without a doubt, a cool bedroom is much more conducive to a good night's sleep than a hot one. Indeed, the obvious solution here is to throw your windows open and let the fresh air in. However, if the temperatures outside are soaring then it might be better keeping both your windows and curtains closed throughout the day. In other words you need to keep the sun out. Apart from everyone thinking that you might be an vampire, this little trick is surprisingly effective.


However, there are some days when even this trick doesn't cut the mustard so what next? If you are really struggling to sleep then it may be worth investing in an air conditioning unit. Whilst a quality unit can be expensive,  it will pay you back ten fold when you climb into your crisp, cool bed on a night. We recommend turning your unit on for an hour or two before you go to bed for maximum effect.


Sleep Better In Summer – Dress Lightly


Running with the cool theme, an another easy solution is to keep your bed clothes to a minimum. If you can't sleep starkers then aim to sleep in the lightest night wear possible. Furthermore, choosing cotton will help to keep you even cooler.


Sleep Better In Summer – Block Out The Light


In summer, light streaming through the windows can be a real stumbling block. For optimum sleep we need our bedrooms to be as dark as possible. This is because when darkness ensues our bodies create a hormone called melatonin. Indeed, it is this hormone that is responsible for feelings of drowsiness that get us ready for the land of nod.


The most practical way to create a dark bedroom is by investing in curtains or blinds with blackout lining. In fact , you can also buy black out linings to add to curtains if you don't want to change your existing curtains. However, if this isn't an option then an eye mask can work wonders.

Sleep Better In Summer – Avoid Alcohol Before Bed


Whilst it's nice to have a few cool beer with your BBQ on a summer's night, too much alcohol can actually interfere with sleep. Although you may find it easier to fall asleep, your sleep will be disruptive and non fulfilling. So if you do fancy a drink then try to limit your intake to a couple and keep hydrated with other non alcoholic beverages too.


Sleep Better In Summer – Cool Those Feet


Cooling your feet before you hit the sack is another simple hack that you can use to help you sleep better in summer. Indeed, our feet contain a number of pulses and therefore cooling your feet down can actually help to cool your entire body. All you need to do is add ice to a cold bucket of water, dip your fit for 5 minutes or so and you're good to go. If you're feeling super daring then you could even have a blast in a cold shower!

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