How To Assemble An Ottoman Bed, Our 101 Guide

September 05, 2021

Assemble An Ottoman Bed

How To Assemble An Ottoman Bed


You've took a leap of faith and invested in an Ottoman bed. Let's us start by saying congratulations on making a wise choice for your sleep and your storage woes! However, you're starting to sweat a little as you have no idea how to assemble an Ottoman bed. So you do a Google search and this page pops up. Well that's lucky for you, as here at Beds On Legs, we know exactly how to assemble an Ottoman bed. Without further ado, here's our top tips on how to assemble an Ottoman bed.

Assemble An Ottoman Bed


Clear A Space Where You Want To Assemble Your Bed.


Before your bed has been delivered make sure that the bedroom it is going in has ample space for your new bed to be assembled. There's nothing more stressful than trying to put anything together if you're surrounded by chaos. If you're concerned about damaging any flooring then lay down some protection first.


Check You've Got All The Parts


The next step is to check you have all the components. Your lovely new bed should come with a check list and it's vital that you cross reference everything first. This will also help you to familiarise with each item.


Arm Yourself With The Right Tools


Luckily you don't need a full tool kit to assemble an Ottoman bed. In fact, the most you will generally be expected to use is a spanner and an allen key. However, most of our beds come with all the tools you need to make the job as simple as possible. Keep your tools in a convenient position that you can access easily.


Read The Instructions


As dull as reading instructions can be, you should read them thoroughly first. A little time preparing can actually speed the process up.


Follow The Steps Accordingly


Each Ottoman will come with its own step by step guide. The instructions are written by the manufacturers and therefore it is good practice to follow there steps. A lot of people worry about putting the pistons on. However, attaching them is straightforward. Just remember to follow the guidelines. If you have ordered a headboard with a divan style Ottoman you will normally bolt the headboard on last. If you want instructions emailing before you make a purchase, we will happily email them over.


Place Your Mattress On Your Ottoman Bed


Last but by no means least, place your mattress on your new Ottoman bed. This step is crucial as often the pistons won't work correctly until the mattress is in position. Indeed, this is because the pistons require the weight of the mattress to release the mechanism. All that's left to do now is stand back and admire your handy work!


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