Grey Wooden Ottoman Beds

September 09, 2018

Grey wooden Ottoman beds, timeless and practical

Grey wooden Ottoman beds are the latest beds to tickle our interior fancies. Unless you've been living on a different planet then you'll know that interior trend setters are going potty for all things grey and our grey wooden Ottoman beds are no exception. Ultra stylish and practicable too, we have an awful lot of love for grey wooden Ottoman beds. Grey is the new neutral that everybody can't stop swooning over. Here we hope to give you some inspiration on how to decorate with this chic colour, which is anything but boring,

Grey Wooden Ottoman Beds

Shades of Grey

One method of decorating with grey, is to use different shades to create a calming and sophisticated look. The overall effect should be calming and seamless. However getting this right can be trickier than it seems. All greys have different undertones of 'temperature' being cool or warm and if you get your colour combinations wrong it will end up looking non cohesive. With our grey wooden Ottoman beds, we would recommend that you don't choose your paint etc until you have your bed in your in situ. It is a lot easier to match your walls to your bed than the other way round. It is particularly advisable to use varying textures in an all grey bedroom to avoid the room feeling too cold and unwelcoming.

Grey Wooden Ottoman Beds

Create a feminine look with blush pink

Blush pink accessories go with our grey wooden Ottoman beds like Romeo goes with Juliet. The partnership is perfect and hopelessly romantic. Add blush pink velvet accessories like quilted throws and cushions to create a feeling of vintage glamour.

Grey wooden Ottoman Beds

Add a pop of yellow to make your bedroom shine.

Grey wooden Ottomans beds also look fabulous in a bedroom that adds a pop of yellow to bring your bedroom to life. It's easier to pull off if you keep your walls neutral and bring splashes of yellow in with your soft furnishings and accessories . However, for the colour brave bright yellows and dark greys can prove to be a stunning combination that looks ultra modern. For a more sophisticated look keep your yellows and greys pale.

Grey Wooden Ottoman Beds

Grey and pale blue for a sophisticated look.

If you find the thought of using grey in the bedroom a little daunting then you might want to try using the colour combination of grey and pale blue, together they feel subdued and sophisticated and help to create a calming feeling in the bedroom.

Grey Wooden Ottoman Beds

Grey and white for understated elegance

If you still have a soft spot for crisp white walls then our grey wooden Ottomans beds would look perfect with this clean and bright backdrop. If you can't stop browsing Pinterest for endless images of chic Scandi interiors then this is the perfect colour scheme for you.

Grey Wooden Ottoman Beds

Whatever your personal tastes, there is a colour scheme that will work perfectly for you. For all our grey wooden Ottoman beds click here

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