Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress Review

September 08, 2016

Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress Review

Our fabulous LOVE Sleep Collection is filled with the best quality and value for money mattresses you will find. We have tried and tested our full range of mattresses in our showroom so we know exactly what our customers love. We thought we would focus in on one of our most popular models, the Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress.

classic pocket 1500 mattress

The Technical Stuff - Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress

The Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress has a hearty filling of 1500 pocket springs at its very core. These springs are individual pocket springs that work independently from one another ensuring your whole body is supported from head to toe. Pocket springs will also reduce partner disturbance as you will be lying on a different row of springs to your partner. They are the best type of springing system to have within a mattress.


This mattress is a chunky 27cm deep due to the layers of luxurious fillings.


What is it like to lie on the Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress?

The Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress has been constructed to provide a Medium-Firm feel mattress. For us the Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress is a perfect combination of support and comfort. It has the back up of all those pocket springs which give a definite medium-firm tension. It also has four comfort layers which means it has layer upon layer of fillings that make you feel snug and secure.


The mattress is covered in a super soft cashmere cover. The top layer of the mattress is somewhat supple so you feel your body sinks ever so slightly into it. The pocket springs then come into action and you feel completely supported. We feel that both the springs and comfort layers combine to create the perfect mattress.

Classic Pocket 1500 Mattress

Is there anything else I should know about the Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress?

If you have a bad back this may be the perfect choice for you. It is firm and solid at its core yet the comfort layers allow the natural curve of your spine to be supported. 

Classic Pocket 1500 Mattress


The LOVE Sleep collection is made by a manufacturer that is a member of the National Bed Federation. This means that all of these mattresses are made by manufacturers that meet British Safety Standards & are as described. Unfortunately many companies are selling goods that do not meet fire regulations and are not as described whether this be the spring count in the mattress or the fillings used. Look for the NBF logo when purchasing your bed to make sure you are getting what you have paid for.

Click here to purchase the Love Sleep Pocket 1500 Mattress.

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