Choosing A Bed: Our 101 Guide

February 10, 2021

Choosing A Bed

Choosing A Bed

Choosing a bed might not be rocket science. However, there are a number of things you'll need to consider before you splash the cash. After all, a bed can be a pretty hefty investment. Indeed, a good bed should last you at least 7 years if you include a mattress and even longer for a frame alone. A good bed should stand the test of time. Indeed, with more of us becoming conscious of unnecessary waste, it pays dividends to do your research first. As we always say ' Do it once, do it right!'. So if you'd like some tips on choosing a bed then read our handy guide. For more information on choosing a bed you can visit the sleep council.

Choosing A Bed
Decide On The Size Of Bed You Require

One of the most important things you need decide on when choosing a bed is the size. Most people when choosing a bed, as couple, will go straight for a double bed. However, whilst a double can be perfectly adequate it pays to get a bigger bed if you can. This is because a bigger bed allows both people better sleep as you should experience less disturbance whilst asleep. However, if you really like to go all out star fish and space allows, you could even get a super king bed. Some families love this options as you can have cosy Sunday mornings as a family whilst snuggled under the covers.

Choosing A Bed

There are other sized beds that you may want to consider too. For example if you have a spare bedroom then a four foot, small double, bed might be suitable. Indeed a four foot bed is the ideal solution for making a bedroom appear more spacious. Furthermore, four foot beds are also a great solution for your growing offspring who are desperate to get a 'proper' bed!

Then there is of course the bed that most of us grew up with, the single or small single bed. Most often this size bed is suitable for children as they can feel more secure when they're in the land of nod.

Decide On Your Budget

Unfortunately when it comes to choosing a bed, you'll need to consider your budget. After all money doesn't grow on trees, although we wish it would! Therefore you need to sit down and decide realistically what your top budget is. Of course you don't have to go to the top end of your budget but it helps to have one when you're shopping around. However, we would always recommend prioritising your mattress first. Whilst it is not the most glamorous part of a bed, it is the most important. A good mattress can be a game changer! You can read our mattress buying guide here.

Choosing A Bed
Choosing Your Style Of Bed

Finlay, the fun bit of choosing a bed. This is the part where you can really let your inner designer go to town. If you're already a bit of interiors addict then it's likely you've done your fare share of Pinterest stalking. However, if you're still undecided then places such as Instagram, Pinterest and Home magazine website are a great place to start. Ultimately, the style of bed you choose will be completely personal. We always advise our customers that you should disregard what everyone is doing and what is in fashion. The number one rule, when choosing a bed, should be to only invest in what you know you will truly love and feel comfortable with. After all, a good bed can be for life and not just for today's fashions.


Choosing A Bed

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