Bedroom Storage Hacks You'll Love

January 16, 2022

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Bedroom Storage Hacks


Here at Beds on Legs we've got some serious bedroom storage hacks tucked up our sleeves and we're not afraid to share them. Unless you're lucky enough to have a bedroom with ample storage already then these hacks can really up your bedroom game. From clever storage beds to ingenious use of space we've left no stone unturned. Here are our top 5 bedroom storage hacks.

Bedroom Storage Hacks


Bedroom Storage Hacks # 1. Invest In A Storage Bed


If you're ready to change your bed then investing in a storage bed can be life changing and no we're not exaggerating! If your wardrobes are bursting at the seams and your drawers are overflowing then a storage bed can be a massive asset. Storage beds utilise the space under the bed that often goes overlooked making them ideal if you don't want to lose any floor space. Indeed, there are two main types of storage beds, divan beds with drawers and Ottoman storage beds. If you only have modest storage needs then a drawer divan should be sufficient. However, if you're hungry for the maximum amount of storage then take a peek at our Ottoman bed range. These beds offer up to four times the amount of storage a 4 drawer divan. What's more, as they feature gas pistons you don't need to struggle to lift one either. You can view all our Ottoman beds here.

Bedroom Storage Hacks


Bedroom Storage Hacks #2. Consider Fitted Wardrobes


If your budget allows then switching from free standing furniture to fitted furniture can increase the amount of available by often an impressive amount. This is because fitted furniture is bespoke and makes use of every nook and cranny. Furthermore, wardrobes can be fitted to reach the ceiling which makes use of the vertical space too.

Bedroom Storage Hacks


Bedroom Storage Hacks #3. Place An Ottoman at The End Of The Bed


If space allows then putting an Ottoman at the end of the bed is a great way to squeeze in some extra storage. What's more they can also double up as somewhere to sit when you're getting ready in the morning.

Bedroom Storage Hacks



Bedroom Storage Hacks #4. Put Up Some Shelves


One of the most economical ways to increase your storage is by putting up some shelves. Shelves are fantastic for keeping your floor space free whilst utilising the vertical space. If you want to store thing that you don't want people to see then you could invest in some pretty boxes that you'll be proud to show off.

Bedroom Storage Hacks


Bedroom Storage Hacks #5. Get Some Storage Containers for Under The Bed


If you've get a bed frame and don't want to change your bed then storage containers are a great way of utilising that dead space under the bed. What's more they don't have to cost the earth either which makes them a great solution if you're on a budget.

Bedroom Storage Hacks

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