Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?

October 15, 2021

Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?


If you’ve recently started your search for a brand spanking new bed, then the chances are you’ve come across Ottoman Beds. However, if you’ve never had one before then you may be asking yourself the question are Ottoman Beds a good idea? Afterall, you don’t want to be wasting your hard-earned cash on something that you don’t know a lot about! We’re not going to lie, here at Beds on Legs, we’re massive fans of these beds. In fact, everyone here is the proud owner of at least one on these beds.  Here are our top reasons why we believe that Ottoman beds are worth their weight in gold!


Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?
  1. Oodles Of Storage for All Your Worldly Possessions

Without a shadow of a doubt, the number one benefit of these beds is their impressive storage capacity.  In fact, an Ottoman bed offers up to four times the amount of storage as a four-drawer divan! Just think about how much you can stash away and nobody every needs to know! More shoes anyone? The reason these beds have such a colossal amount of storage space is because they utilise every square inch under the bed which we think is pretty neat!


Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?
  1. Helps To Keep Your Bedroom Spick and Span

Leading on from our first point, it almost goes without saying that these beds can help to keep your bedroom clutter free. Or at least give the appearance of being so! As the saying goes ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’. Indeed, it pays to keep your sleeping space as orderly as possible as this can directly impact on your sleep. 


Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?
  1. Easy Access

If you’re worried about opening an Ottoman, then rest assured as opening one of these beds is as easy as pie. This is because all our Ottoman beds feature gas pistons. So, fear not you won’t need guns of steal to open one of these nifty beds.  You can read more about how to open an Ottoman bed here

Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?
  1. Aesthetically Pleasing.

Not only are these genius beds super practical but they look lovely too.  Often when we think of things that are practical, we assume that they will be boring in appearance. However, that certainly isn’t the case with our Ottoman beds. In fact, to the untrained eye, you wouldn’t even know that these beds have storage capacity. Furthermore, whatever your taste is there will be an Ottoman bed to suit.  From sumptuous velvet beds to more organic shaker style Ottoman beds we’ve got something for everyone.

Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?

Summary, Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea?

If you want a bed that looks the business but can also provide storage, then these beds are an absolute must. Once you’ve invested in one of these beds we can guarantee that you will never look back. You can view our full range here.

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