A Guide To Buying From an Online Bed Shop

November 29, 2021

Online Bed Shop

A Guide to Buying From an Online Bed Shop


If you're looking at buying from an online bed shop you might be feeling a little bit nervous. After all a bed is a big ticket item and when you're forking out the reddies you want to have confidence. We've all heard horror stories about buying on the world wide web. Therefore, if you are going to buy a bed from an online bed shop then you need to do your research first. Here are out top tips to look for when purchasing from an online bed shop.

Online Bed Shop



1.Read The Reviews


Without a doubt one of the best ways to get a feel for a business is by looking at their reviews. Any reputable online bed shop will readily direct you to their reviews. Indeed, many online shops have reviews on their website but whilst they may be true there is no way of actually knowing for sure. Therefore, it is best to look at reviews on a trusted independent website. One such place is Trust Pilot. Indeed, the extra advantage of the reviews on here is that they are generally verified. In other words, the buyer has to have proof that they made an actual purchase from the website. This helps to weed out fake reviews. Whilst it is still possible to write fake reviews, if they haven't been verified then you should regard them with caution. You can see all our reviews here.

Online Bed Shop

2. Consider Longevity


As with anything, websites come and go. Longevity of a website is a good indication that the business has been operating in a way that is beneficial to the consumer. Indeed, here at Beds on Legs we have been trading as an online bed shop for over 20 years, which is a pretty good stint in e-commerce. That's not to say new websites are not to be trusted, just that if you do buy off a young website then make sure they have their house in order.

Online Bed Shop


 3.Make Sure You Read The Terms and Conditions


We know that reading terms and conditions can be enough to send you to sleep but if you're buying from an online bed shop then you really should know your rights. Whilst all reputable companies will do their best to make sure your transaction is a smooth process, we do live in the real world and problems can occur. In fact, we would argue that the mark of a good company is not what they sell but how they deal with issues when they occur. Furthermore, there are a number of distance selling regulations in place and if a company doesn't adhere to them this is a big red flag. You can read about the distance selling regulations here

Online Bed Shop


4. Does The Company Have A Working Telephone Number?


If the online bed shop you are considering using doesn't have a telephone number then proceed with caution. Having traded online for over 20 years we have heard a few horror stories about people purchasing online only to end up with a problem and not being able to contact anyone to resolve it. Indeed, as wonderful as the web is there are times when you still need to interact with a real live human! This could be for advice or to address any other issue. Either way, having a telephone number is a positive sign. Our telephone lines are open 9.00 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm Friday and 9.00 am to 3.00 pm Saturday. What's more, as we have a number of staff you will never have to wait for long for your call to be answered!

Online Bed Shop

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