5 Advantages of Small Double Storage Beds

November 28, 2021

Small Double Storage Beds

Small Double Storage Beds 

Small double storage beds can transform your bedroom and how you utilise your space. Indeed, if you’re perusing small double beds then the chances are you are doing so because you’re short on space. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make your bed work for its place in your bedroom. This is where small double storage beds come up trumps. Not only are they more compact in design, but they offer often much needed squirrelling space. Furthermore, our small double storage beds come in a wide range of designs from contemporary to traditional.  Here are our 5 top reasons why you should consider one of our small double storage beds. For all our small double beds just click here.

Small Double Storage Beds

1.Takes Up Less Space

Small double beds are exactly what they say they are on the tin, small double beds! Indeed, a small double is exactly 6 inches narrower than a double bed. Whilst this may not sound like a lot in a small space every inch counts. If you really need to keep the footprint of your bed down, then you should opt for a divan style bed. This is because the mattress sits directly on top of the base. Therefore, you don’t have to allow for any extra width as in the case of a framed bed.

Small Double Storage Beds

 2.Can Create the Illusion of More Space

If you’ve got a small bedroom, then the temptation is often to buy the smallest bed. However, if space allows then a small double bed can create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. Indeed, to the untrained eye it is difficult to tell the difference between a double and small double bed. In fact, this is often a trick employed by interior designers when presenting show homes.

Small Double Storage Beds

3. Valuable Storage Space

It goes without saying that small double storage beds provide valuable storage space by utilising the no man’s land under the bed. Therefore, you get extra storage space without impeding on the rest of the room which is imperative in a small space. Small double storage beds are available with two types of storage facilities. The first option is drawers, which are great for everyday access. The second is Ottoman storage which is perfect if you want to max out on your storage. Indeed, an Ottoman bed provides up to four times the amount of storage as a standard four drawer divan!

Small Double Storage Beds

4.Wide Choice of Designs

Our small double storage beds cater for even our most particular customers. We recognise that not everyone has the same taste, heck the world would be dull if we did, and we like to think that our range represents that.  Our small double storage beds range from those upholstered in luxurious velvets to more organic style fabrics.

Small Double Storage Beds

5.Perfect For Guest Bedrooms

If you’ve got a bedroom that you want to use as a guest bedroom, then a small double bed could be the perfect solution. Whilst there are other options available, the advantage of a small double bed is that you it doesn’t require any assembly when you want to use it. Furthermore, most people find that these beds provide a more comfortable sleep.  

Small Double Storage Beds

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