Wondering Why Upholstered Beds Are So Popular?

September 19, 2021

Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?

Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?


When you're scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest for interior inspiration there's no doubt that upholstered beds will keep popping up in your feed. And that's not all, even some of your friends have jumped on the trend and you're starting to wonder if it's time for an upgrade. However, you may be pondering the question why are upholstered beds so popular? Well luckily for you, you've landed on the right page because here at Beds on Legs, we pride ourselves on being bed gurus. Plus we love nothing more than passing on our knowledge! So if you're wondering why are upholstered beds so popular then read on because we've got all the answers.

Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?

1.They Bring a Luxurious Vibe into the Bedroom


Never more so than today have we needed our bedrooms to act as a sanctuary from the outside world. After all, your bedroom is the one place in the house that should be dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation. We're thinking spa mini break here! Therefore, when it comes to design you need to pull out all the stops. An upholstered bed is a fabulous way of adding a air of grandeur to your bedroom. Therefore, when you climb under the covers in bed on a night you feel utterly pampered. Even if you don't go for a total bedroom revamp an upholstered bed can instantly transform your bedroom into a lap of luxury.

Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?


2.They're Customisable


Another truck load of brownie points for these beds is that they are customisable. This makes them a great choice if you love to put our own stamp on things. Furthermore, this means that there is oodles of choice and you're much more likely to find a bed that fits the bill. From headboard design, to fabric and colours the options are almost endless.


Headboard Design – Your headboard is the crowning glory of your upholstered bed. Therefore , when deciding on a bed this is a great starting point. If you want a timeless piece that will look fresh for years to come then one of our button backed headboard might be just what you're look for. Or if you dig a more contemporary vibe then a vertically stitched headboard with clean lines may be just up your street.


Fabric Choice – Once you've settled on an headboard design that you can't stop crushing on then you can decide on your fabric. The texture that you decide on will be dependant on what kind of energy you're trying to create in your bedroom. If you want to channel your inner Boho child then an organic material would be most suitable. Or if you want to bring out your extroverted glamour puss side then a luxurious velvet fabric is most fitting.


Colour – Upholstered beds come in every colour of the rainbow and then some. Indeed, colour is a great way of reflecting your personality and for changing the ambience of a space. These beds are available is such a wide choice of colours, making them a great choice for ticking both of those boxes. From zingy ochres to calming forest greens, the sky's the limit

Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?


3.They Are The Most Comfortable Bed On The Market


Love snuggling up with a good book in bed? Then you'll love the comfort that an upholstered bed has to offer. An upholstered bed is the next best thing to sitting on sofa, if not better that is! When you have one of these beautiful beds you can kiss goodbye to trying to create a pillow headboard when trying to sit up in bed. Indeed, once you've languished in one of these beds you''ll find it hard to go back to any other type! For all our upholstered beds just click here


Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?

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