What Are The Benefits of Sleep?

November 24, 2021

Benefits of Sleep

The Benefits of Sleep 


The benefits of sleep extend to both physical and mental well being. Whilst one poor night’s sleep isn’t disastrous an extended period of poor sleep can be devastating. Whilst we all know that there are several benefits of sleep, many people underestimate just how far those benefits extend. Here is 8 of the benefits of sleep.


Benefits of Sleep


1. Improved Concentration 

If you’ve ever had a bad night’s sleep and gone to work the next day, then you’re bound to have noticed a decrease in your concentration levels. For example, you might find your mind wondering off more than normal.  A good night’s sleep can help you to feel more alert and focused without the need to be propped up by caffeine! 

2. Can Help Maintain your Weight 

Whilst you won’t lose weight in your sleep,sorry!, poor sleep can make it difficult to either maintain or lose weight. This is because one of the benefits of sleep is that it helps to control the hunger hormone, ghrelin. 

3. Improved Mood 

Most of us aware that poor sleep can cause you feel grumpy and irritable. Indeed, one of the main benefits of sleep is that it can help regulate your mood and even ward off more severe mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. The exact relationship is complicated however the link is indisputable. 

4. Can Improve Muscle Mass 

Not many people are aware that one of the benefits of sleep is that it can contribute to muscle growth. Indeed, if you’re smashing it in the gym but not getting the gains you’d like then lack of sleep may be the problem. 

5. Keeps Your Immune System in Tip Top Condition 

There are also benefits of sleep for your immune system. Your immune system is responsible for fighting of a multitude of illnesses.  However poor sleep can compromise your immune system and therefore your body is less able to fight things off.   

6. Help Reduce Stress 

A good sleep pattern can also help negate stress levels which in today’s fast paced lifestyle is hard to escape from.  Indeed, evidence shows us that lack of sleep causes an increase in the stress hormone cortisol. Thus, the antidote is to get enough regular and quality sleep. 

7. Improved Relationships 

On the back of the fact that some of the benefits of sleep relate to our mental well being it makes sense that good sleep can also improve our relationships with others.  Indeed, if we feel happier and more well rested within ourselves then this will have a direct impact on others.  

8. Can Help to Manage Pain 

Sleep and pain can have a complex relationship. Without a doubt one affects the other and a lack of sleep can lead to a vicious cycle. This is particularly true in the case of chronic pain. Anybody who suffers with chronic pain will tell you that a lack of sleep can worsen symptoms. Whilst it might be harder to sleep with pain,  the benefits of sleep means that you will be able to cope a lot better with it.  

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