The Pros and Cons of Guest Beds.

July 25, 2022

The Pros and Cons of Guest Beds.

The Pros and Cons of Guest Beds - All You Need To Know.

Have you just started pondering the idea of whether you should get a guest bed? If so, then you’ll be keen to know what the pros and cons of guest beds are. Before we dive in, let us explain what a guest bed is. In a nutshell a guest bed is two beds in one. This is because it consists of a single bed and trundle bed which is housed beneath the main bed.  When required, the trundle bed can be pulled out and used as a double bed that can sleep two. Pretty nifty, eh? Guest beds are available in a variety of designs. Our range includes wooden guest beds, metal guest beds and fabric guest beds. To have a peek at our full range just click here.

Pros and Cons of Guest Beds

The Pros and Cons of Guest Beds - The Pros.

  1. Space Saving. – Without a doubt the main advantage of guest beds is that they provide maximum sleeping space whilst taking up minimal floor space. Indeed, all our guest beds, when not in use, take up the space of a standard single bed.  This is particularly advantageous in a smaller bedroom. Or perhaps you’ve got a bedroom that you need to serve a dual purpose. A guest bed can free up space so that a room can serve another purpose, for example a home study.
  2. Great For Kid’s Bedrooms. – If your little one’s love to have a sleepover then a guest bed could the perfect solution.  It certainly beats having to blow up a bed every time they have a pal round!
  3. Use As a Double or Two Singles. – Whilst guest beds are great for sleeping couples, they can also be used as two singles if preferred. Indeed, the trundle bed is independent of the main bed. Therefore, the trundle bed can easily be moved to any location in the home.
  4. Wide Range of Designs. – In the past guest beds used to predominantly be divan guest beds. However, we now offer a range of designs for all tastes and interiors.
    Pros and Cons of Guest Beds

The Pros and Cons of Guest Beds – The Cons.

  1. Light Manoeuvring Required. – When you want to use your guest bed, you will have to do a little manoeuvring to get it ready. You will have to slide the bed out from the main bed and pop it up on its legs, if so desired. Furthermore, you will likely need a separate space to store a duvet a pillow for the trundle bed.
  2. Not Enough Space – Whilst the main benefit of a guest bed is it space saving qualities, sometimes a room isn’t large enough to accommodate it when fully in use. Therefore, you must ensure that you check all the overall measurements before investing in one of these clever little beds.
    Pros and Cons of Guest Beds

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