The Pros and Cons of Cream Fabric Beds, Our 101 Guide.

June 04, 2022

Cream Fabric Beds

The Pros and Cons of Cream Fabric Beds.

Cream fabric beds are becoming increasingly popular as interior trends are leaning to more muted colour palettes. Indeed, fashions come and go but cream fabric beds are timeless, making them a wise investment.  Here, at Beds on Legs we’ve got a healthy selection of cream fabric beds for you to chose from. Whether you want a modern or traditional bed, a single or a super king bed, we’ve got it covered. Here are the pros and cons of cream fabric beds. For a peek at our full range just click here.

Cream Fabric Beds


 The Pros of Cream Fabric Beds.

We believe that our cream fabric beds have several positive attributes. Here are the main pros that are worth considering before you decide whether a cream bed is right for you.

Cream Fabric Beds

1. A Neutral Piece of Furniture.

As cream is a neutral colour, a cream fabric bed will lend itself to any décor scheme. This makes it an ideal investment piece if you like to update your interiors on a regular basis. Indeed, cream has all the qualities of white but without the starkness. This makes it perfect for a bedroom where you often want to evoke feelings of warmth.

2. A Sophisticated Colour.

Cream is considered to be a sophisticated colour. If your bedroom goals are ones of elegance and restfulness, then one of cream fabric beds would be a great starting point. Indeed, cream is not a loud or bright colour and doesn’t jostle for attention, therefore allowing your mind to be soothed.  When combined, different tones of cream are perfect for creating the most tranquil of spaces. To stop your bedroom looking flat make sure that you incorporate lots of different textures.

3. Available In Multiple Styles.

Everybody has different tastes, and we believe in offering a range of beds in various styles. Whether you want a bed with an oversized headboard or something more subtle and contemporary we bet we’ve got a bed that’s just right for you.

4. Storage Available on Various Models.

With storage often at a premium we think it’s important to have a wide range of cream fabric beds that offer some extra squirrelling space. Whether you prefer to have underbed drawer storage of ottoman storage, several of our cream fabric beds are available with these options.

5. Super Comfortable.

 If you like to spend your chill out time relaxing in bed and watching TV or reading, then you won’t get a more comfortable bed than a fabric one. Sleigh beds are particularly ideal if you tend to sit up in bed as they are more supportive for your back.

The Cons of Cream Fabric Beds.

There are a few drawbacks to cream fabric beds that are worth considering before you make your final decision.

Cream Fabric Beds

1. Extra Upkeep.

All fabric beds do require a little more upkeep than say a wooden or metal bed. This is probably truer for cream fabric beds given that they will more easily show marks. However, apart from attending to any stains immediately, a wipe and hoover once a week should be ample.

2. Could Trigger Allergies.

As fabric attracts more dust you could find any allergies being triggered. Some fabrics are worse offenders than other. For example, velvet will attract more dust than a tightly woven fabric. Therefore, if you can’t resist the look of fabric then consider your options carefully.

3. Pets Could Cause Damage to Your Bed.

If you own a pet, then it is possible that they may damage your fabric bed. After all, fabric beds look like a pretty good scratching pole to our four-legged friends. Obviously, only you know your pet’s behaviour and whether this could be a potential problem.

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