The Pros and Cons of Buying A Mattress Online

September 27, 2021

Pros and Cons of Buying A Mattress Online

If you’re considering buying a mattress online, you might be feeling understandably nervous. Indeed, a mattress can be a hefty purchase as it is the most vital part of your bed. Furthermore, we spend up to a third of our lives in bed so it’s something you want to get right.  Whilst some people claim they can sleep on a washing line, most of us know the value of a good mattress. Here we will explore the pros and cons of buying a mattress online so that you can decide what you’re comfortable with.

Pros and Cons of Buying A Mattress Online


The Pros of Buying A Mattress Online

Buying online is the de rigueur for lots of us today. Indeed, numerous people of people will buy a mattress online every day. There are certainly some great advantages of buying a mattress online. Here are some of the advantages: -

  1. Wider Choice – As you don’t need any physical space to display mattresses on a website, you will often find that there is a much wider choice of mattresses online.
  2. Comparison From the Comfort of Your Own Home – Sometimes when making a purchase in-store, you can feel pressured into deciding more quickly than you’d like. However, if you are purchasing from the comfort of your sofa you can take as much time as needed. This can help you to make the right decision.
  3. Cheaper Prices – As online stores don’t have the same overheads as a bricks and mortar store, retailers can afford to sell products at a more competitive price.
  4. Distance Selling Regulations – If you purchase a product online you are covered by the distance selling regulations. This means that if you change your mind within a 14-day period then you have the right to return your mattress. However, every retailer will differ on their returns policy. For example, currently we are offering free returns on mattresses if notified within a 7-day period. However, whilst you can try the mattress you should not sleep on it.
  5. Reviews readily available – Most reputable websites will be linked to an independent review site so you can read about other people’s online buying experience. You can read our reviews here.


The Cons of Buying a Mattress Online

Whilst most of us are comfortable with buying small items online there are some drawbacks to buying a mattress online. They are as follows: -

  1. You can’t try before you buy – When buying a mattress in store you have the huge benefit of trying the mattress before you purchase it. This can save complications further down the line. However, even when you try a mattress in store the time you lie on it may still be inadequate.
  2. You don’t have the physical presence of a salesperson – When buying an item such as a mattress some people like to have the assistance of a salesperson. However, here at Beds on Legs, our sales team are all fully trained and can assist you with your purchase over the phone.


 Final Verdict – The Pros and Cons of Buying a Mattress Online

Here at Beds on Legs we have both a physical store that people can visit and a web store. However, we believe that the pros of buying a mattress online far outweigh the cons. Whilst this might not be for everyone, and we completely understand that, buying a mattress online has never been so easy. For all our mattresses, just click here.


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