Supersize Me with Super King Size 6ft Beds

February 10, 2021

Super King Size 6ft Beds

Super King Size Beds

Here at Beds on Legs we know a lot of you do not have masses of room inside your homes so we are forever trying to come up with genius ways to save space for you guys. What we did not factor in is that there are also many of you who do have lots of space to fill. Plus some of you are as tall as giants and you need a Super King Size 6ft Beds to stretch your lovely long limbs out on. So we are sorry for this major oversight and we would like to make it up to you, in today's post we will be looking at our fan-dabby-dozy range of Super King Size 6ft Beds. 

Super King Size 6ft Beds

Grand Designs For Super King Size 6ft Beds

We would like to dive straight into some of our large as life and fabulous Super King Size 6ft Beds. If you have the room then why not fill it with this Birlea Castello in Charcoal. The Castello has a chunky scrolled buttoned headboard and foot board. The chesterfield style design is incredibly popular and will make this a true statement piece in your bedroom. The Castello is available in Grey, Wheat and a brand new shade of Charcoal. 

Super King Size 6ft Beds

Entertaining T.V. Beds For Super King Size 6ft Beds

Perhaps you love your bed that much that not only do you like to sleep like a star fish but you also want to relax like a King and watch TV in it too. We have some rather swish Super King Size 6ft TV Bedsfor you to peruse. Kaydian is one of the top manufacturers out there and we love this Kaydian Titan TV Bed . Not only is the quality and finish second to none it is also very attractive.  The only downside is that you may never want to get up and leave this bed! 

Super King Size 6ft Beds

Ottoman Storage - Super King Size 6ft Beds

Now we know that whilst it is lovely to have a large bedroom to accommodate a Super King Size 6ft Bedsit is also important to factor in some practical thinking. If you have this space stealing gorgeous bed then why not also think about using the space under it for storage. Just think about how much stuff you could fill this baby with! Here we have the Palermo Ottoman from our Ottoman range. 

Super King Size 6ft Beds

One of our very popular Super King Size 6ft Ottoman Beds is the fabulous Kaydian Accent Ottoman Bed. 

Super King Size 6ft Beds

Super King Size 6ft Beds Bonus

Not only is it lovely to have a stylish Super King Size 6ft Bed taking centre stage in your bedroom, it is also good for you too. There is less chance of your sleep being disturbed by your partner as you both have oodles of space to toss and turn at your leisure. You will be able to stretch your limbs fully out insuring your body is at its most comfortable and natural state during those precious hours of sleep. This is the time when your body needs to recover and be raring to go, fighting fit for the coming day ahead!  Click here to view all of our Super King Size 6ft Beds. Simply click on the style of frame you like e.g Fabric Upholstered Beds and then set the Size required to 6ft Super King Size in the drop down menu on left.

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