Super King Size Beds, Is Bigger Better?

February 10, 2021

Super King Size Beds

Super King Size Beds 

There are lots of things you should consider when deciding if you should take the plunge and buy a super sized bed. Super king size beds can be a fantastic addition to any ones bedroom. However, here at Beds on Legs we know that choosing the right bed size can sometimes feel like a furnishing minefield. So we've put our heads together and compiled a list of things to consider in your search for the right sized bed.

Super King Size Beds

A Bed Fit For A Starfish Sleeper

Super king size beds certainly provide ample sleeping space with a cherry on the top! To be precise a super king mattress measures 6ft x 6ft3'' (180cms x 200cms). That's a heck of a lot of wiggling room. Lots of people find they sleep much more soundly when they have plenty of room to toss and turn without worrying about disturbing their bed partner. Nobody needs to worry about a bed hogger in a super king size bed.

As children most of us grow up sleeping in a single bed of 3ft wide (90cms). Yet when we progress into adulthood we often end sharing a standard double bed. This effectively means we are only sleeping on an surface area of 2ft3'' (68.5cms). Starting to see the logic in the purchase of a bigger bed ? We thought so, we always say go as big as you can. Your body and your partner will thank you for it.

Super King Size Beds

 A Bed Fit For All The Family

Our beds are increasingly becoming social areas where all the family gathers. Super king size beds come up trumps in this department. Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in your pyjamas on Sunday morning, surrounded by those you love most. Or maybe you prefer to snuggle on a Saturday night and watch a favourite family film together.

Super King Size Beds

Lets not forget our non human family members. Perhaps you're an avid dog lover and can think of nothing better than drifting off to the land of nod with your four legged friends nearby. Sleeping with a pet can be of great comfort to an animal lover and in super king sized bed you don't have to worry about fighting for your spot. Just think you can say goodbye to awkward sleeping positions for you or your pet!

Super King Size Beds

A Bed Fit For A Big Bedroom

A big bedroom deserves a bed that looks in proportion to its setting. If you're lucky enough to have a bedroom big enough to park a double decker bus then you really should consider getting a super king sized bed. A big bed can be a real statement piece. It can can help bring a sense of warmth and intimacy to a space that might seem otherwise uninviting.

Super King Size Beds

 Final Points To Consider

There are lot of benefits to a super king sized bed. However there are also some practical reasons that you should consider first. Can you fit this size of bed in your bedroom. Just as importantly will it go up the stairs? Furthermore, if you decide to purchase a bed frame and mattress make sure you consider the external measurements. A Super King sleigh bed could be well over 8ft (243.84cms)


Super King Size Beds

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