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October 31, 2021

Space Saving Beds

Space Saving Beds


If you've got a small bedroom with barely enough room to swing a cat then say hello to our space saving beds! These space saving beds can transform your space and get rid of all your bedroom woes. Space saving beds come in all guises from guest beds to Ottoman beds, there are a number of solutions. So if you've got a teeny tiny bedroom and you want something to suit that space then this guide is just the one for you.


Space Saving Beds

Guest Beds – Two in One Beds


Guest beds are ingenious little numbers in that you get two beds in the space of one! A guest bed is basically a single bed that houses another bed underneath. This means that these beds are perfect for taking up minimal space but giving you extra sleeping space when required. Indeed, guest beds are particularly popular for children's bedrooms or small spare bedrooms. Guest beds come in a number of different styles from traditional wooden beds to modern fabric designs.

Space Saving Beds


Small Double Beds – The Inbetweener


Don't want a single bed but haven't quite got the space for a double bed then let us introduce you to the small double bed. A small double bed is the perfect compromise if every inch in your bedroom counts. Indeed, a small double bed measures 6 inches less in width, which in a small bedroom can make a massive difference. Again small double beds are a great choice for children and for guest bedrooms.


Space Saving Beds

Bunk Beds – Double Up


When space is tight you need to think vertically and that's where bunk beds come into their own. Basically bunk beds are made up of one bed stacked on top of the other. Without a doubt, bunk beds are the stalwarts of space saving beds. Indeed, these beds have been popular for decades and especially so with children. Who doesn't remember having an argument over who gets the top bunk at least once in their childhood!

Space Saving Beds


Ottoman Beds – The Kings of Storage


Perhaps you've got the space for a double or king bed but you're short of storage space. If that's the case then an Ottoman bed could be just the bed you need. These space saving beds are the perfect solution for keeping your bedroom streamlined and free of clutter. In fact, these beds can store up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. Just think of how many more shoes you can buy now!


Space Saving Beds

Sofa Beds – Two in One

Finally, but by no means least let us introduce you to the sofa bed. Indeed, a sofa bed is sofa by day and then as if by magic, transforms into a bed when it is needed. These beds are great solution for rooms that need to be multifunctional such as a study or a children's play room.


Space Saving Beds

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