Sleep In The Wild For A Life Changing Experience

February 10, 2021

sleep in the wild

Best Places To Sleep In The Wild

Have you ever longed to sleep in in the wild and gaze at the stars above. Do you long for the feeling to be connected to the universe, to feel at one with world around you? Are you ready to get your yen on? Well we've been hunting high and low and there are some pretty cool places out there. Indeed they'll move you so deeply that you'll wonder why you didn't back your bag sooner. Here's our guide on you can sleep in the wild.

For The Risk Taker

Okay when it comes to places to sleep in the wild there are some pretty wild places you can go. For those that love a risk, then sleeping on a cliff edge has got to be up there with bells on. The official term for these make shift beds are portaledges. Indeed the clue is in the name. In other words, these beds are designed to suspend off a cliff face. Sounds scary? You bet it does, especially if you're the type who rolls around in the night. But for those who love a challenge and like to take themselves to the edge then this has got to be a serious contender.

Sleep In The Wild

For Those Who Want To Sleep In The Wild With A Little Luxury

Okay so maybe you're not gunning to be Bear Grylls but still want to feel natures vibes. Then let us introduce you to the tree house. No we're not talking about the type your dad built at the bottom of the garden. Oh no, we're talking a serious tree house that fairy tales are made of. One such tree house in built in Northern Sweden set 10 metres above the forest floor. If you're about to book your ticket you can read about it here

Sleep In The Wild

For The Sun Lovers Who Want To Sleep In The Wild

Okay so sometimes you might want to sleep in the wild but still yearn for a bit of sun. Well the Outcrop Air room at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, South Africa might be just the ticket. Imagine being in a beautiful comfortable bed and gazing up at the stars. Let's be honest, what could be more romantic. No disturbances, no pollution just the beauty of the natural surroundings and the calm all around..

Sleep In The Wild

There are umpteen of cool places to sleep in the wild and in the world in general. The world really is your oyster. Not sure you could sleep an oyster though buy hey you get our drift. We've previously written about other amazing places to sleep and you can read about them here

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