October 12, 2019 3 min read

You've Tried The Rest, Now Try A Sleep Podcast.

So you think you've tried everything to help you sleep but have you tried a sleep podcast? A sleep podcast, I hear you say, whatever next! But please hear us out, as a sleep podcast might just be the missing piece of the insomnia puzzle. What have you got to lose? Nothing...except possibly the bags under your eyes.

A podcast is basically a digital audio file that you can download off the internet onto your computer or mobile. Indeed, it is this medium that some rather clever people have utilised to help get you off to the land of nod. Here at Beds On Legs we each have our favourite podcasts. Here's is a line up of our top four.

Sleep Podcast

Sleep With Me

Sleep with me is a twice- weekly sleep podcast that was first aired in 2013. It has now been downloaded over 70 million times! A testament to the sleep podcast in itself. The sleep with me podcasts are basically surreal bedtime stories. They help switch the brain off and send you into a slumber.

The founder and the narrator of these stories, Drew Ackerman, has a suitably gravelly voice, perfect for nodding off to. Indeed Ackerman draws upon his own experiences with insomnia. Arguably a 'good' bedtime story is one that is not too stimulating or mentally taxing. In fact, Ackerman carefully edits his bedtime stories to make sure there aren't any words that might alert the reader. For example he has banned the use of the word spider as this could be a trigger word for many. In the words of Ackerman his sleep podcast is 'the podcast that sheep listen to when they get tired of counting themselves.

Tracks To Relax

Tracks to relax boast the world's largest collection of meditations. In fact their sleep podcasts are so relaxing that listeners are warned not to drive whilst listening to them. On their website they quite rightly state that bedtime should be something that you should look forward to. Indeed, meditation helps to relax the mind. However, many people find it too difficult to meditate on their own. These podcasts give you the perfect tools for incorporating meditation into your life. If you think this sounds all a little too touchy feely for you, then think again as this really works.

Sleep Whispers

Sleep Whispers is hosted and created by 'whispering Harris'. He draws on his own experiences with insomnia. In his words ' I often have trouble quieting my own mind at night. The squirrels in my brain just won't stop running around and it keeps me awake'. He came to the conclusion that the best material to listen to is mildly engaging but not exciting. Podcasts include soothing poems, educational Wikipedia articles, interesting articles and listener feedback.

Atmosphonic – Sounds To Help You Relax And Sleep

If the thought of listening to human voices is not your bag then Atmosphonic might have the best podcasts for you. Each podcast is an approximately an hour long. Sounds from around the UK are the backbone of these podcasts. Plus you can listen for free. You can listen to anything from Bethnal green train station to the sounds of birds singing.