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July 02, 2017

Ottoman Beds With Beds On Legs

Here at Beds on Legs we have a vast range of Ottoman Beds available, In fact we would go as far as saying we offer the best selection! Here is just a small sample of some of our best selling Ottoman beds.

Ottoman Beds - Empire Ottoman Bed

The Empire Ottoman bed is one of our best selling beds.  With it's contemporary headboard and vertical stitching it looks fantastic in numerous bedroom schemes. Furthermore, we offer this bed with two different sized headboards with one being 24 inches high and the other being 54 inches high. It is pictured here in Silver Grey Velvet which compliments most colour schemes. If this colour is not what you are looking for you will be able to choose from a variety of other fabric finishes and colours, there is something to suit everyone. Each of these ottoman beds is rounded off with silver gliders for that extra special touch.

Ottoman Beds


 Ottoman Beds - Sofia Ottoman Bed

The Sofia Ottoman bed is a compact sleigh bed which means more people can have one in their bedroom. Furthermore, this classically styled bed is so timeless that it will never go out of fashion. 

As these Ottoman Beds are a divan style ottoman they are much more accommodating in terms of the space that they take up. You do not have to allow as much for external frame measurement as the mattress will sit edge to edge on the base with no extra flourishes taking up valuable floor space. The only thing which you do need to take into consideration is the headboard spacers. Headboard spacers are little spacers which when attached to the ottoman will enforce a small space between the base and the headboard. This spacer is necessary in order for the ottoman to lift up easily without catching the headboard.


Ottoman Beds


Ottoman Beds -The Button Ottoman Bed

The Button Ottoman bed has a beautiful buttoned headboard. Depending on how you style your bedroom this versatile headboard can either create a modern or traditional look. Indeed, as with all of the other Ottomans you can choose from a side lift or end lift ottoman base. Furthermore, these ottoman beds have a robust base made from heavy duty mdf. They are a platform top base with a boarded bottom and they also have a super spacious storage area which is 24cm deep. The base is incredibly easy to assemble as the base arrives already made. Aside from the 3ft Single size (which arrives in one piece), the base of every other size will come in two pieces which are easily bolted and clipped together. Due to the the weighty nature of the base we would recommend you would need two people to complete the assembly.

Ottoman Beds



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