How To Get An Organised Bedroom

February 10, 2021

organised bedroom

Get An Organised Bedroom Like A Pro

If you're looking to create an organised bedroom then the good news is that there is loads you can do. From investing in some nifty storage to getting ruthless with yourself, an organised bedroom is within everyone's reach. Yes, even yours! What's more you'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel in your new Zen like space. As the saying goes ' tidy room, tidy mind'. However, the thought of trying to get an organised bedroom can often make you want to dive under the covers instead. But fear not, because here at Beds On Legs we've compiled a list to make the process as easy as ABC.

Organised Bedroom

Declutter, declutter, declutter

The golden rule for creating a serene organised bedroom is to declutter as much as you can. This is where you are going to have to be tough with yourself. Indeed, this is possibly the hardest part for most people. However, it is arguably the most important. It is much easier to create an organised space if you simply have less stuff. Let's be honest, most of us hoard things that we no longer use, wear or need. But now is the time to let go.

If you haven't heard of Maria Kondo then now is a good time to look her up. You can visit her website here. Indeed, Maria Kondo recommends starting with all your clothes first. She goes on to say that you should get every item of clothing and place it in a big pile before attempting to sort it out. From here you can then go through each item of clothing and ask yourself if it brings you joy? If it doesn't then it's time to go. Once you are left with clothing that you truly love then you can start to organise it.

As regards to organising sentimental items, she recommends that you should do these items last. Let's be honest who hasn't ended up reminiscing over forgotten photographs only to wonder where the time has gone. Indeed, if you sort sentimental items last then you're less likely to give up as you will have already organised a huge proportion of your room.

Fold Like Maria Kondo

Whilst we're on the subject of Maria Kondo you absolutely have to learn her folding method. She calls it the 'File system'. Without a doubt this is a real game changer. You basically fold your clothes in neat little envelopes and place them on their side. The advantage of this system is that you can see all your clothes at a glance. This means you can say goodbye to tossing everything out of your drawers every time you're trying to find 'that' top!

Invest In A Storage Bed

So you've decluttered and now you're like a folding Maria Kondo machine but you still need extra storage. So what do you do? Before you go into the murky heights of the loft, the classic overflow area, you need to consider buying a storage bed. Before you start groaning about divan beds and frilly valance you need to think again. Indeed, modern day storage beds look worlds apart from the storage beds of our grandparents. In fact storage beds are fast becoming a staple bedroom item.

Organised bedroom

Our storage beds range from draw divans to all singing all dancing Ottoman beds. Whilst drawer divan are great if you only need a little extra space, an Ottoman provides up to four times the amount of storage! However, don't take this as an excuse to skip the all important decluttering step! Indeed, to feel truly organised then you should keep this space in order too. For all our storage beds just click here

Organised bedroom

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