Organise Your Bedroom This Year

February 10, 2021

Organise Your Bedroom

How To Organise Your Bedroom

It's a new year and many of us are spending increasing amounts of time in our homes. Therefore, we can't think of a better time to grab the bull by the horns and organise your bedroom. Without a doubt, an organised bedroom can have a profound impact on both physical and mental health. Indeed, sleep is the cornerstone to our well-being. We're sure you already know this but a cluttered bedroom is not conducive to a great nights kip. Therefore, if this is a task that you've been skirting around, then dust yourself down, take a deep breath and follow our great tips.

Organise Your Bedroom

How To Organise your Bedroom: Declutter Your Space

Sure we all love a storage hack. However, before you even get to this point you will need to declutter first. This can feel quite overwhelming, especially if you've not done it before! Indeed, the best way to approach this is by working through a 'department' at a time. Most people find it most difficult to declutter sentimental items. Therefore we advise that you start with something you have less emotional attachment first.


Sorting through your clothes can be one of the best places to start. We love the advice of Marie Kondo, the queen of organising, who recommends getting all your clothes and placing them in a big pile. From here you can systematically work through each piece. As regards to what stays or goes can be a little bit trickier. As a rule of thumb, you should pass on anything that doesn't fit, has past it best or you haven't worn for a year or so. If you don't love it then it should be re homed! Remember if the condition is still good then charity shops are always appreciative of your old threads.

Organise Your Bedroom

Once you've culled your wardrobe then you can start on your other items. For example, you may have a bookshelf bursting with books that are just gathering dust. Again the golden rule is, if you're never going to read it again then it's time to give it away. Sentimental items can be a lot harder to part with. If you really can't bear to let it go then perhaps you could box things up and put them in your garage or loft space. If you're struggling with this bit then just take your time and don't be too hard on yourself.

How To Organise Your Bedroom: Invest In Some Clever Storage Hacks

Without a doubt if you're going to organise your bedroom then this is the fun bit. After all that hard work, investing in some clever storage hacks comes as a welcome reprieve. Obviously the storage options available to you will depend heavily on your budget. Here are just a few ideas for your consideration

Organise Your Bedroom


Consider Fitted Wardrobes

In your quest to organise your bedroom you may want to switch up your free standing wardrobes for fitted one. Indeed, as fitted wardrobes make use of every inch of space, this is the perfect way of maximising storage. Whilst fitted wardrobes can be costly they do add value to your home, making them an investment too.

Organise Your Bedroom

Put Up Shelves

If you're looking for some economical storage updates then you can't go wrong with shelving. If you've got a lot of items that you don't want on display then purchase attractive boxes or baskets for keeping things in.


Organise Your Bedroom

Consider A Storage Bed

Did you know that a bed can be so much more than something you take forty winks in? Indeed, we offer oodles of beds that offer storage too. From divans with drawers to all singing, all dancing Ottoman beds, there's a storage bed to suit everyone. If price is a consideration then a bed with drawers should tick all the boxes. Don't worry divan beds have come a long way in terms of looks, so you won't feel stuck in a time warp. However, if you want to maximise on storage then you should consider an Ottoman bed. Indeed, our Ottomans store up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. If your serious in your quest to organise your bedroom, that's not to be sniffed at! For all our storage beds just click here.

Organise Your Bedroom

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