Ochre Ottoman Beds For That Sunny Feeling

March 05, 2021

Ochre Ottoman Beds

Ochre Ottoman Beds

If you want to brighten up your mornings then you need to take a look at our Ochre Ottoman beds. Without a doubt coloured fabric beds are bang on trend and our Ochre Ottoman beds are like a ray of sunshine. What's more, our Ochre Ottoman beds provide epic storage. In fact they offer four times the amount of storage as a four drawer divan. If you love a good bit of storage then that's not to be sniffed at! However you might feel a little daunted using such a brave colour. But fear not we've got it covered. So read on if you want to inject some colour into your bedroom. For more design ideas then take a peek at our Pinterest page.


Ochre Ottoman Beds

 Let The Bed Do All The Talking

Let's be honest if you've got an Ochre bed then you'll want it to shine. Therefore keep the rest of your decor simple and let the bed do all the talking. The best way to do this is by painting the walls in a crisp white. What's more, if you're looking for a contemporary finish then white walls are a great way to achieve this. Furthermore, if you like to think yourself as an art connoisseur then white walls are a perfect way of showing off your collection. Remember, white doesn't have to feel stark either. In fact, once you start looking at white paints you'll soon realise that there are numerous shades of white. Move over fifty shades of grey! Therefore before you dip your paint brush in, you should always test different shades of white first.

Ochre Ottoman Beds

 Pair It With Grey

 If the idea of painting your walls white leaves you feeling cold but you're still a little nervous of bold colours then grey might be the perfect compromise. Indeed, grey is the new neutral and when combined with one of our Ochre Ottomans beds you can create quite the sophisticated look. If you prefer to keep things light and airy then pick a lighter shade of grey. Or if you want to create an atmospheric and cosy bedroom then why not take a walk on the dark side. If the idea of painting all the walls in dark in grey makes you feel a little shaky then you could just create a feature wall that the bed will placed against. You can thank us later!

Ochre Ottoman Beds

 Be Bold With Navy

For all you interior daredevils out there, you know who you are!, then why not brave it with Navy. Without a doubt an Ochre and navy bedroom can create quite the statement. Furthermore, braving it with such a bold colour combination is the perfect way of creating an intimate atmosphere. All you need to complete the look is accents of gold and you've nailed full on glamour. Add some mood lighting and you'll feel transported to another world. Again if you feel painting all your walls in navy is a step too far then a navy feature wall can be just as dramatic.

Ochre Ottoman Beds


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