February 10, 2021 2 min read

Create A Dramatic Navy Bedroom In 2020

If you're considering having a navy bedroom then you're not on your own. Indeed, grey bedrooms have ruled the roost for the last few years. However, the new kid on the block, the navy bedroom, is starting to come into it's own. If you think a navy bedroom could be a bit oppressive then think again. In fact, a navy bedroom can create a cocoon like den. What's more navy can be a calming colour which is perfect for the bedroom where relaxation should be paramount. Furthermore, navy can team with a number of different colours including the firm favourite grey.

Navy Bedroom

Colour Your Walls With Moody Blues.

If you're thinking of diving in with your paint brush then don't be afraid to paint all your walls navy. You might be concerned that this will create a bedroom that is too dark. However, if you take the plunge into the paint tin you could be pleasantly surprised. All navy walls create a dramatic effect that is surprisingly comforting. The other advantage of all navy walls is that it shows off art work beautifully. So if you're somebody who likes their walls to be a back drop to your art collection then you're on to a winner with navy walls.

Navy Bedroom

However if you're a virgin to the dark side then you might want to dip your paintbrush in more gently. If this is the case then you might want to consider just painting an accent wall in navy. The wall that you're bed head rest against is the perfect solution. For a fresh modern look you could paint the remaining walls in white. Moreover if you're not ready to tear yourself away from greys then you could paint the rest of the room in a complimentary shade of grey.

Consider A Navy Wallpaper

If you want to create a statement in a navy bedroom then you might want to invest in a navy wallpaper. From art deco to wall murals there are oodles of navy wallpapers that would give a real wow factor. If you do decide to team a wallpaper with painted walls then make sure you get lots of testers pots first. Your wallpaper should blend effortlessly with the rest of the walls. A bit of preparation can help create a cohesive look that will make your bedroom a relaxing haven. For some great wallpapers you can visit this website here


Invest In A Navy Bed

If you want to keep your walls neutral then you could create a navy bedroom by introducing a navy bed and accessories. Here at Beds On Legs we offer a number of fabric beds that are available in navy. What's more a lot of our fabric beds come with the added advantage of hidden storage. Therefore these beds are not only easy on the eye but they're practical too!


Navy Bedroom