How To Create The Perfect Monochrome Bedroom

February 10, 2021

Monochrome Bedroom

Decorating In Black And White, A Monochrome Bedroom

Think a monochrome bedroom is boring? Then you need to think again. Without a doubt a monochrome bedroom can be timeless, chic and very easy to live with. Furthermore, a monochrome bedroom doesn't have to feel overtly masculine either. With a few touches here and there, you can add a feminine touch to this classic scheme. Read our guide to find out how to make a monochrome bedroom the perfect sleeping space for you. For more bedroom inspiration then take a peek at our Pinterest page.

Monochrome Bedroom

Start With The Walls

In our opinion you can never go wrong with painting your walls in white paint. Without a doubt, white walls serve as the perfect background to a monochromatic scheme. If you're scared that white can feel a little stark then worry not. Indeed, with the right decoration you can warm this scheme up immensely. We're thinking lots of textures, design elements and decorations.

If you're feeling extra daring then why not take a walk on the dark side and paint at least one of your walls black. Indeed, as your bedroom is primarily a night time space this can help create a cosy atmosphere.

Another element that you can bring to your walls is wallpaper. Indeed, wallpaper looks especially good on a feature wall. We would recommend putting it on the wall that your bed will be positioned against. Wallpaper is a fantastic way of introducing pattern and texture. Furthermore it's a great way of adding a feeling of warmth to the bedroom

Be Bold With Your Bed

A bold bed is a perfect feature for a monochrome bedroom. To create the wow factor you can invest in one of our fabric beds with an oversized headboard. The Emma bed as featured above is the perfect example of this. Upholstered in black velvet, this striking bed is bound to become a talking point in any bedroom.

Inject A Pop Of Colour

Whilst you want to stick primarily with black and white, there is nothing to stop you adding an accent colour. This can help to lift a monochromatic scheme. From splashes of orange to dusty pink, adding a third colour can really change the feel of your bedroom. What's more if you like to redecorate on a regular this is the perfect way of ringing the changes in an economical way.

Bring The Outdoors In.

As previously mentioned a monochromatic scheme can sometimes feel a little cold and lifeless. A fantastic way of bringing life to a space is by the addition of house plants. Without a doubt, plants are a great way of breathing life into a space. Furthermore, don't be afraid of having more than one plant. Try to position 3 or 4 around the room, you could even have some hanging plants that are very on trend at the moment.

Invest In Quality Soft Furnishings

Another easy solution to warm up a monochrome bedroom is by the addition of soft furnishings. We're talking oodles of scatter cushions, luxurious throws and quality window dressings. A shag pile rug positioned next to the bed is the perfect way of adding an extra layer of cosiness to your floor.

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