Maximalist Bedroom: Our 101 Guide

February 10, 2021

How To Rock A Maximalist Bedroom

We all know what a minimalist bedroom might look like but do you know what a maximalist bedroom looks like? As you might have guessed a maximalist bedroom is the polar opposite to a minimalist one. Whilst it's all about streamlining in a minimalist room, maximalism is all about packing in as much of your personality as you can. Indeed, some people find maximalism a lot easy to live with as it can often feel much cosier than sparse interiors. Maximalism allows for a sense of fun and vibrancy and also allows you to indulge in eclectic interiors. However, a maximalist bedroom doesn't mean anything goes. In order to nail this trend and not end up looking like you've just thrown a room together, careful planning is still needed. Here, at Beds On Legs, we've compiled a handy guide on how to rock the maximalist trend.

Maximalist Bedroom

Get Bold With Colours

Whilst minimalism is all about using a serene colour pallet, maximalism is the opposite. This means being daring with colour and not being afraid of using clashing colours. For example combining colours that are at the opposite side of the colour wheel such as pink and deep green. This can help create a vibrant and eclectic feel. Whilst it can be a little bit scary to use colour in the way, get it right and you'll be glad you took a leap of faith. If you're unsure on what colour combinations to use then you can get some great ideas from Pinterest

Mix Lots Of Patterns And Textures

If you're a lover of different patterns and textures then you'll have so much fun creating a maximalist bedroom. This is a great interior style for those with a rebellious streak. Again mixing patterns can be a little daunting. As a rule of thumb you should pick patterns that have different scales. So if you want three patterns then one should be small, one medium and one large. Furthermore you should distribute the patterns evenly through the room to make sure it's balanced. To add a feeling of harmony to your bedroom it's a good idea to have blocks of colour too. For example you could pick one of our fabric beds in a bold colour such as navy blue or forest green.

Add Your Own Personality

A maximalist bedroom should be a showcase for your personality. This means displaying the things that bring you joy. For example, if you love to read then don't be afraid to display your book collection. Or perhaps you love all things art related. In which case you could curate a collection for your bedroom wall. However, whilst a maximalist bedroom allows for an eclectic mix of accessories you need to be careful that it doesn't end up feeling chaotic. At the end of the day you still need your bedroom to have a sense of harmony. After all this is the place where you should unwind the most!

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