Mattress Care Guide, A Beds On Legs Guide

February 10, 2021

Mattress Care, All You Need To Know

Just about everybody owns a mattress but how many people know about actual mattress care? You may think because your mattress is hidden beneath sheets then it really doesn't need looking after. However, mattress care is essential for not only extending the life of your mattress but keeping it comfortable too. Indeed, a mattress can be a be big purchase and with the right care it can last up to seven years or even more. Whilst mattress care may seem like a bit of a drag, we guarantee that you will reap the benefits. Let's be honest, sleep is a cornerstone for health. Indeed, your mattress is the most important part of your bed. After all, this is what supports your body when you're in the land of nod. So read on for our top mattress care tips. You won't regret it!

Mattress Care

Mattress Care Tip # 1

Wash Your Bedding Weekly

We know that washing your bedding can be pretty tedious. However, it is super important to keep your bedding clean. Indeed, this couldn’t be truer than in the current COVID 19 pandemic. Dust mites can multiply at rather an alarming rate. They multiply by feeding off dead skin that you shed in the night. Horrible, we know, this is why washing your sheets is crucial. According to the sleep council an old unwashed pillow could have as much as ten percent of its weight made of dead skin! If that doesn’t motivate you to wash your bedding regularly then nothing will. As regards how often you should wash bedding then we would recommend that at the very least you should wash them fortnightly. However, the optimum is weekly.

Mattress Care Tip # 2

Rotate And / Or Turn Your Mattress

One of the best things you can do initially if you have a brand new mattress is to turn and / or rotate it. Indeed, traditionally we would always recommend that mattresses should be ‘flipped’. This basically means turning your mattress. However, a lot of the new mattresses on the market at built in such a way that they should not be turned. If this is the case then these mattresses should be rotated only. If you’re unsure what your mattress needs then you can always check with us. In the first four months your mattress should be turned or rotated every two weeks. After that, every three months is sufficient. The reason for this is that it helps with the settlement.

Mattress Care Tip # 3

Invest In A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is a great way of looking after your mattress. Indeed they can even help to prolong the life of your mattress. What’s more they can be taken off and washed, which is another boom for sleep hygiene.

Mattress Care Tip # 4

Clean Your Mattress

Last but not least you should always keep your mattress clean. This means taking the hover to it occasionally. We would recommend every six months or so. As regards any spillages, then you should attend to them immediately. You can use a specific stain remover or baking soda, sprinkled on an hoovered up can work a treat.

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