Looking For A Divan Bed Frame?

December 26, 2021

Divan Bed Frame

Divan Bed Frame At Beds On Legs

If you’re looking for a brand-new shiny divan bed frame, then the search stops now. Here, at Beds on Legs we’re always keen to bring the latest designs to the market. We’ve recently introduced a fantastic range of new divan bed frames and we’re confident they will blow your bed socks off!

Divan Bed Frame

So, what is a divan bed frame? Indeed, a divan bed frame is basically a divan bed with a both a headboard and a footboard. Therefore, it has all the benefits of a standard divan with the bonus of looking like a bed frame. This makes these beds winners both practically and aesthetically.  So, without further ado, say hello to the new kids on the block. For our full range just click here.

Love Sleep Maple Divan Bed

The Maple Divan bed frame is a fantastic model if you want something with a contemporary look. The headboard and footboard feature vertical stitched lines which draws the eye upwards and can enhance the feeling of height in your bedroom. This streamlined bed is available in 16 different colourways from plush velvet marine to plush velvet grey and everything in between.  Furthermore, the Maple Divan bed frame can be customised with drawers for that all important extra storage.

Divan Bed Frame


Love Sleep Linden Divan Bed

Our recently introduced Linden Divan bed frame has already become a hit with our customers.  Again, this divan bed frame features vertically stitched lines but with buttons for added interest. As with all our Love Sleep range this bed is available in 16 different fabrics so there is bound to be a fabric that suits whatever colour scheme your heart desires. Indeed, the lovely Linden is also available with either 2 drawers or 4 drawers for added storage.

Divan Bed Frame


Love Sleep Elm Divan Bed

If you love the look of simplicity, then the Elm bed could be just the divan bed frame you’ve been looking for. This striped backed divan bed frame is the perfect solution for a minimalist bedroom scheme. Furthermore, as this bed comes with optional storage the Linden can help you to keep your bedroom a clutter free zone.


Divan Bed Frame

Love Sleep Palermo Divan Bed

For those who prefer a more traditional bed then take a peek at the Palermo divan bed frame. Without a doubt, the Palermo is one of our best-selling beds and it’s not hard to see why.  Indeed, sleigh beds have always been firm favourites with enduring good looks that never go out of style. What’s more the Palermo is a more compact sleigh bed which means it is more suitable for the standard size bedroom. Again, as with all our Love Sleep range, the Palermo is available with drawers and comes in 16 different scrumptious fabrics.

Divan Bed Frame

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