Kaydian Ottoman Beds – New for 2016

February 10, 2021

Kaydian Ottoman Beds

Kaydian Ottoman Beds are truly the bee's knees! We have some exciting new models from Kaydian to share with you. Everything from new shapes to new lifting mechanisms.

Kaydian Ottoman Beds – Brunel Ottoman in Prestbury

We have four fabulous new additions in total so let us start with the super elegant Brunel Ottoman Bed. You may recognise this model from our site already as we exclusively sell this as a 5ft King Size in Grey Velvet (aka Pewter), Kaydian have introduced the Brunel in Prestbury Linen. This is a brand new finish and we think it is a stunning fabric to opt for. The Brunel’s standout feature is the romantic button sleigh headboard.

Kaydian Ottoman Beds - Brunel Ottoman

Kaydian Ottoman Beds

Kaydian are well known for the quality and style they bestow on all of their bed frames. Kaydian Ottoman Beds come with a superior gas strut mechanism as standard, allowing for the base to open and close with ease. No matter the colour or finish you opt for the fabric is always of the same premium quality. Kaydian Ottoman Beds come with a ventilated platform base. This style of base is the best to have on an ottoman. A platform top allows air to pass through the base and mattress, they also make the base look neater when open. If you can imagine a standard slatted base when lifted will show sheets and throws poking through the slats. This can look quite messy when the base is open, a platform base will hide this from view. Another concern is that the slats from a slatted base may un-clip from the centre and side rails with constant lifting and closing of the base. With a platform base you do not have to worry about this!

Kaydian Ottoman Beds - Versace Automatic Lift Ottoman Bed

Kaydian Ottoman Beds - Versace Ottoman One of the most exciting new models from Kaydian is the Versace Automatic Lift Ottoman Bed. As always Kaydian are looking for ways to make ottoman beds accessible to everyone. As is standard with all Kaydian Ottoman Beds they use a gas strut which aids the lifting and closing movement to be as smooth and hassle free as is possible. Kaydian know that lifting an ottoman bed is not always easy for everyone, depending on health and the way we are physically built it can be quite difficult to lift and close a base easily. The Versace Ottoman Bed comes with a genius automatic lift system. You will find a button at the side of your headboard that when pressed will raise the base smoothly for you. This wonderful new creation is available in Artemis Elephant Grey and Artemis Linen. Both colours are elegant and will fit in with any colour scheme.


Kaydian Ottoman Beds – Walkworth Ottoman Bed in Silver Crushed Velvet

The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed has been given a makeover with this latest fabric finish. The Walkworth has been a much loved design from Kaydian for quite some time now. The sophisticated shape and imposing headboard has been given a shake up with the introduction of a glitzy Silver Crushed Velvet fabric finish. The Silver Crushed Velvet works perfectly on this frame, looking both elegant and stylish at the same time.

Kaydian Ottoman Beds - Walkworth Ottoman in Silver Crushed Velvet Kaydian Ottoman Beds – Lanchester Ottoman Bed

Last but by no means we have the Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed. As with all Kaydian Ottoman Beds the premium finish is evident straight away. The vertically stitched headboard is a contemporary design which we think is a brilliant new addition to Kaydian’s varied range. It is available in Artemis Elephant Grey.

Kaydian Ottoman Beds - Lanchester Ottoman Bed

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