Kaydian Fabric Beds, Meet The Newbies

November 06, 2019

Meet The Brand New Kaydian Fabric Beds

We're proud to announce our new and exciting line of Kaydian fabric beds. We think these brand spanking new beds are the bees knees and once you've viewed them you'll be forever smitten. Indeed, Kaydian fabric beds are the crème de la crème of fabric beds. The workmanship that goes into these fabulous beds is second to none. If you're the type of person who demands the best then you can be assured that our Kaydian fabric beds will satisfy all your requirements. So without further ado, let us introduce you to some of our finest beds to date.

The Walkworth Ottoman Bed

The Walkworth is one of the stalwarts of our premium range of Kaydian fabric beds. Clean lines and steamlined elegance makes it perfect for a contemporary interior. This bed also boasts a copious amount of storage. Indeed we are thrilled to offer the Walkworth in the new exquisite fabric of marbella grey. This fabric is fresh and modern with a textured feel to it. This new fabric will blend well with numerous colours from yellows, to pinks, blues and many others too.

Kaydian Fabric Beds

The Bamburgh Ottoman Bed

Fly away to the land of nod with the Bamburgh Ottoman Bed. The Bamburgh features a scrolled head and foot end making it a modern classic. Without a doubt this transitional bed would look just as good in a contemporary setting as a traditional one. What's more, the Bamburgh has generous storage making it practical too. The Bamburgh will win the hearts of people across the nation.

Kaydian Fabric Beds

The Duchess Bed

Aptly named, the Duchess bed has a regal elegance that will command centre stage. This winged bed is bang on trend but equally will stand the test of time. Upholstered in a light grey fabric, this impressive bed can be styled with a number of different colours. You could create a feminine look with blush pink or perhaps you would prefer to team it with different shades of grey for a more sophisticated feel.

Kaydian Fabric Beds

The Titan TV Bed

Out of all our Kaydain fabric beds this has to be the one with the cherry on the top. The Titan is the daddy of all beds, the one that will keep you smiling every time you go to bed. Built to accommodate an LED television, this bed is one for the gadget lovers. Furthermore, the headboard cleverly features speakers to create a full surround sound effect. The only problem with this bed is that you will be in danger of never leaving the bedroom!

Kaydian Fabric Beds

The Lindisfarne Ottoman Bed

Last but by no means least we present to you the Lindisfarne Ottoman bed. With its chesterfield styled headboard, the Lindisfarne will become a modern classic. Excitingly the Lindisfarne also incorporates storage making it both practical and beautiful.

Kaydian Fabric Beds

Whichever of our Kaydian fabric beds tickles your fancy, you'll not to be disappointed. When it comes to quality and style these beds deliver on both. For all Kaydian fabric beds just click here

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