How To Turn Your Spare Bedroom Into A Home Office

December 30, 2021

Home Office

Turn Your Spare Bedroom Into A Home Office 


If you're one of the many people now working from home on a more permanent basis then the new year could be the perfect time to turn you spare bedroom into a home office. Indeed, creating a the right space for your home office can be crucial for both your physical and mental well being. Indeed, working from your laptop in bed might seem like a dream come true but long term it isn't ideal. If you're lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that you can turn into a home office then it makes perfect sense to make those changes. Here are our top tips for turning your spare bedroom into a home office that you will be happy to work from.


Home Office



The first step you should take before turning your spare bedroom into a home office should be to declutter the room. You should be aiming to get everything out of that room that doesn't belong there. If your spare bedroom has been your junk room for some time then now is the time for a good purge! Anything you don't require can be sold, gifted or sent to charity. If you still want your spare bedroom to have a bed in it then invest in bed that is multi functional. For example, you could invest in a sofa bed or if you need some extra storage then a single Ottoman bed would be perfect. You can view all our Ottoman beds here.


Choose A Calming Palette


When you're decorating your home office you should pick a calm and neutral palette. We would suggest either a pale grey or an off white. Remember, if you're going to be taking part in internet meetings then you want your space to look professional. If you wish, you can add some tasteful art to your walls. However you should be mindful not to hang any art that others might find offensive!

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Pick A Desk With Enough Working Space


When picking a desk you should pick something that has adequate work space and is going to serve you sufficiently for your working day. If cost allows or your handy yourself, you could make a bespoke desk so it maximises on your available space.


Invest In A Monitor


If you've been working from a laptop then you won't be putting your body in a good ergonomic position. Whilst this is acceptable on an add hoc basis, you could be creating muscular skeletal problems if you use a laptop permanently. Indeed, many workplaces will often fund the cost of such equipment if you have been forced to work from home.

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Buy The Best Chair You Can Afford


If you're sitting a desk all day then you should invest in the best chair that your budget will allow. A dining room chair generally won't be up to the job and you could end up with back ache if your chair isn't up to scratch. You can sometimes pick up a good second hand office chair on eBay or Gumtree.


Don't Skimp On Good Lighting


Good lighting is essential in a home office. If you value your eyesight then you need adequate overhead lighting. Furthermore, a well lit room can also prevent you getting headaches from eye strain. You may also need some task lighting for close up work too. In small spaces a clamp-on lamp works well.

Home Office


Put Up Some Shelves


Putting up shelves is an economical way of providing extra storage. If your job involves a lot of paper work then you should get some box files that you can label appropriately. In your home office, organisation should be at the top of your requirements. 


Add A Bit Of Nature


Adding some plants to your home office is a great way of helping to make your space a calming environment. Indeed, a relaxing office space can help to make you feel less stressed and therefore more productive. Just because your spare bedroom is now an office it doesn't have to be sterile.




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