How To Get Your Guest Room Ready For Visitors

November 07, 2021

Guest Room

Time To Get Your Guest Room Ready

With the festive season knocking at the door, it’s time to get your guest room ready for action. Indeed, this year the celebrations will be even more special than usual so it’s important that your guest room is ship shape and ready for your visitors.  When we invite friends and family into our homes it’s important that we make them feel as welcome as possible. Here are a few of our top tip to make your guest room feel comfortable and hospitable. 

Guest Room


Make Sure You Have a Bed That’s Fit for Purpose 

You want to make your guests feel right at home when they visit therefore investing in the right bed should a priority. A lot of people struggle to sleep in a bed that isn’t their own therefore you should be aiming to make them as comfy as possible. The rule of thumb is that you should only invest in a bed that you would want to sleep in yourself!  

Guest Room

If you already have a bed, then double check that the mattress is up to scratch. An old mattress that is sagging isn’t going to make your guests feel welcome.  Investing a good quality mattress will last for many years and your guests will want to keep on visiting! You can view all our mattresses here. 


Refresh Your Bedding 

When getting your guest room ready then you should pay special attention to the bedding. Nothing feels more comforting than getting into a bed with freshly laundered linen! If you haven’t already got throws and extra cushions, then consider getting some for that extra snuggle factor. 

Guest Room


Provide Fresh Towels 

Give your guests that hotel feel by providing them with some fresh and fluffy towels. That way you won’t make them feel awkward if they need to ask for some.   

Guest Room

Add a Little Bit of Nature 

Show your guests how much you appreciate them making the effort by putting a vase of flowers in their room. It doesn’t need to anything fancy, just a simple bouquet is enough to make them feel cherished.

Guest Room


Provide Some Space for Their Clothes 

When getting your guest room ready then it’s a good idea to provide them space to place their belongings. If they’re only staying for a night or two then room under the bed for a suitcase should be sufficient.  However, if they’re staying for an extended amount of time then try to provide them with a bit of wardrobe and drawer space. 

Guest Room

Declutter Your Guest Room 

If your guest room has become a bit a dumping ground, then now is the perfect time to have a good turf out! A bedroom that is jam packed with clutter doesn’t create a restful ambience. Try to keep your guest room as streamlined as possible. Remember in a guest room, less really is more.  

Guest Room

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