How To Create A Cottagecore Bedroom

May 14, 2021

Chill Out With A Cottagecore Bedroom

Cottagecore is the trend that's taking the interiors world by storm. Think cosy nooks, roaring fires, curated displays and bringing the outside in. In fact, we already feel chilled out just thinking about it! Indeed, this last year or so has been punishing on a number of levels. Our work lives have been disturbed, our social connections severed and our mental health challenged. Therefore, it makes sense that people across the nation are taking stock and channelling their energy into making their homes a refuge from the rest of the world. Indeed, whilst you can't control what's going on around you, you can control your environment.



At the heart of cottage core is a longing for a simpler life that embraces home cooking, crafts and above all else cosiness. A cottagecore room should be a room that gives you a hug! Here, at Beds On Legs, we think this new trend is perfect for the bedroom. So let's explore how to make your bedroom a cosy nook that you'll long to escape to.


Cottagecore – Mix The Old With The New


To nail this cosy trend then you should look to combine vintage pieces with your newer pieces of furniture. Indeed, investing in some pre-loved pieces of furniture is a great way of injecting some warmth and personality into your bedroom. If you've got your bedroom largely kitted out this might mean adding a couple of vintage bedside cabinets or some vintage earthenware pieces. What's more, this style is all about imperfections and finding beauty in it. Therefore don't write of pieces that have a few dents or cracks. Instead marvel at the beauty of these flaws and character.



Cottagecore – Get Botanical


Botanical interiors are becoming more and more desirable. Nature in itself is extremely relaxing and great for soothing the soul. Therefore bringing the outdoors in makes perfect sense. One way that works wonderfully in a bedroom is by the introduction of floral wallpaper on a feature wall. See, your granny did have it right all along!


Another way to bring a bit of nature into your bedroom is with the addition of a few house plants. Without a doubt, it's amazing how a few plants can breath some life into a space. We know that not everyone feels like they have green figures. However, with a little research you can find plants that are less demanding than others. We firmly believe that everyone has the ability to nurture a few houseplants! Indeed, with a little bit of care and effort we can assure you that you'll reap the benefits.



Cottagecore – Get Your Cosy On


Finally, you can't pull off this vibe without the addition of lots layers of cosiness. The perfect way to do this in the bedroom is with upholstery. Think oodles of cushions, textured throws and homely rugs. Remember, cottagecore is fundamentally a maximalist look. Furthermore, investing in handmade pieces is even better as this really adds to the individuality of your space. Indeed, if you're up for a bit of textile work then you could even have a bash a creating something yourself. Now all that's left to do, is to grab a cup of cocoa, your favourite read and head to bed to recharge your batteries.


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