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  • How Can I Sleep in Extreme Heat?

    August 13, 2022

    Sleep in Extreme Heat

    12 Tips to Help You Sleep in Extreme Heat

    Trying to sleep in extreme heat can be something of a challenge. With the UK in the midst of another heatwave, getting to sleep can feel like an uphill battle. Whilst most of us can handle the occasional sleepless night, prolonged lack of sleep can have an impact of daily life. However, the good news is that there is plenty you can do to help you to sleep in extreme heat and it doesn’t include booking yourself into an air-conditioned hotel. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get some sleep in extreme heat.

    Sleep In Extreme Heat
    1. Keep The Curtains Closed During the Day – On days that are too hot to handle, closing your curtains during the day is a simple solution to keeping your house cool. We would recommend closing all the curtains in your house and not just the ones in your bedroom. Whilst you may feel like a vampire, this small step can go along way to keeping your home a cooler place to sleep.

    2. Keep Windows Closed When It Is Warmer Outside Than Inside – If the temperature outside is above that of your home, then you should keep your windows closed. Whilst this seems counterintuitive, opening your windows in extreme heat is just inviting the hot air in. Generally speaking, you should keep your windows shut during the day in a heatwave. Once the temperature drops in the evening, you should then open your windows.

    3. Sleep On Ice – Yep, that’s right sleeping on ice can be of huge benefit if you’re trying to sleep in extreme heat. Whilst we don’t recommend setting up camp in a chest freezer, an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel can work wonders.

    4. Freeze Your Bed Sheets – Before you dismiss this simple hack as being a little to extreme give it a try first. Pop your sheets in a bag in your freezer for just enough time for them to be comfortably cool. The relief of climbing into a cool as ice bed can have a significant impact on sleep.

    5. Choose Cotton Sheets – If you ever listened to your mum, then you’ll know that cotton is superior to other fabrics when it comes to keeping cool. This natural fibre is breathable and can hold up to 1/5 of its weight in water (i.e. sweat) before it becomes moist.

    6. Choose Cotton Nightwear – If you can’t sleep in the niff then your best option is sleep in loose cotton nightwear. The reasons are exactly the same as why you should choose cotton bedding.

    7. Have a Warm Shower or Bath - Hang about, did we just say warm shower or bath? We certainly did! It might be tempting to jump in an ice-cold shower, but scientists say that warm water is more effective at helping the body to self-regulate.

    8. Don’t Exercise Before Bed - Exercise raises the core temperature of your body, so in the name of a good night’s sleep just skip the workout before bedtime.

    9. Use a Cold Compress – Sometimes it’s the oldest tricks in the book that work the best. A simple cold compress that you can place on your forehead is a simple solution to keeping cool.

    10. Use a Fan with Ice – If you’re trying to sleep in extreme heat then the chances are you’ve already tried to use a fan. However, on its own a fan is just effectively moving hot air around. To make it more effective place a bowl of ice cubes in front of it.

    11. Stash The Duvet Away – In extreme heat, even the thinnest of duvets can feel too much. If you still need to sleep under something, then a cotton sheet is your best option. If you don’t have a sheet, you can always use your duvet cover on its own.

    12. Sleep Solo We know this one isn’t very romantic, but sleep solo if you can. If that isn’t an option, then hold of on the snuggling until the nights get a bit cooler.

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