Hot To Combat Being A Hot Sleeper

May 23, 2021

What To Do If You're A Hot Sleeper


If you're a hot sleeper then the chances are you've had your fair share of frustrating and sleepless nights. If you're accustomed to tossing, turning and waking up in a hot sweaty mess then you'll know that being a hot sleeper isn't much fun. Indeed, getting a restful nights sleep often relies on our bodies keeping cool at night. In fact, our bodies are designed to automatically cool down in preparation for sleep. Evidently this is triggered by our own internal circadian clocks.

Hot Sleeper


There are a number of reasons why you might be getting too hot in the night. These include anxiety, hormonal changes and even exercise. It might also be that you're simply just a hot sleeper. However, the burning question is 'can anything be done to cool down?'. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can put in place to give you a more comfortable sleep. Here we list a few things that you can put in place. However, if you're really worried then don't hesitate to contact your doctor. Indeed, you may have an underlying health condition you can get help with.


Keep Your Bedroom Cool


It may seem obvious, but a cool bedroom can go a long way to reducing your temperature at night. There are a few ways that you can achieve this. Firstly, you may want to consider turning your radiator off in your bedroom. Furthermore, having a window open at night can help to keep your bedroom cool and breezy. In the height of summer it is also worth keeping your curtains closed as this can help block the sun out. Whilst this might seem a little vampish, this little trick can work wonders.


Invest In A Thinner Tog Duvet


If you're a hot sleeper then you should look at getting a lower tog duvet. The lowest tog you can get is rated as a 1. If you have a bed partner that doesn't share your desire for cooler sleep then it may even be worth using two single duvets as opposed to one. Plus that way you don't have to worry about anyone hogging the duvet either!


Strip Off


Now we're starting to get frisky! Seriously though, if you're a hot sleeper then sleeping naked could be a big help. However, if you're not willing to go the whole hog then make sure you invest in some light weight cotton sleep wear.


Have A Hot Bath


OK, it may seem counter-intuitive to have a hot bath if you're a hot sleeper. However, a hot bath or shower, can have the opposite effect on your body temperature. Plus, it's a perfect way to unwind from the stresses of the day. That sounds like a win-win to us!


Invest In The Right Mattress


We all know that the right mattress can go a long way to helping you sleep at night. However, if you're a hot sleeper then you'll need to take the possible effects of the mattress on your body temperature into consideration too. For example, memory foam can make some people too hot. However, this doesn't mean you have to avoid memory foam completely. Thankfully, there are some clever scientific bods that have invented some clever cooling materials for mattresses. Indeed, lots of manufacturers now incorporate these nifty materials into their memory foam mattresses. You can view all our mattresses here.



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