Chose A Grey Bed For Timeless Appeal

February 10, 2021

How To Chose The Right Grey Bed For You

With 2021 nearly upon us we predict that the grey bed will remain a classic. Without a doubt, grey beds have been a firm favourite for the last few years and we don't see this trend waning any time soon. Whilst other beds have tried to steal the limelight, the grey bed still holds pole position!

Grey Bed

The fact remains that a grey bed has to be one of the easiest coloured beds to work with. Indeed, it looks fantastic with all colours of the rainbow and has a timeless appeal. From traditional to contemporary interiors there's a grey bed to suit your needs.

Grey Bed

How To Chose The Right Grey Bed For You

As soon as you start looking for your ideal bed, you'll soon realise that there are in fact fifty shades of grey! And if that isn't complicated enough there's a huge array of styles, fabric choices and storage options. The best way to find the right bed for you is to create a tick list of requirements. For example they could include the following:-

  • Does my bed need to offer storage?

A bed doesn't just have to be for sleeping in. Indeed, a lot of our beds offer storage, making them practical to boot. From drawers to Ottoman storage your bed can offer some much needed squireling space!

  • What style of bed should I chose?

We offer both traditional and contemporary styled bed. The style you chose will depend on your own personal taste. If you're unsure you can look at our Pinterest page for some inspo.

  • What other colours does my bed need to go with?

Remember grey is a neutral colour and therefore will combine with most colours. However, the shade of grey you chose will be dependant on the other colours in bedroom. For example, if you want to create a more pastel influenced bedroom then silver grey would look better than say, graphite grey. As regards choosing a fabric we would always recommend getting some free sample first. Indeed, colours can look quire different on a computer screen and so it pays to double check first.

  • Would I prefer a fabric or wooden bed?

Fabric beds have dominated the world of interiors for the last few years. Indeed, fabric beds represent comfort and luxury. However, some people find that wooden beds are preferable as they are easier to wipe down and don't harbour any potential allergens.

  • What size bed do I need?

We always recommend that you pick the biggest bed that your bedroom can take. This is particularly the case if there are two people sharing a bed. Indeed, having adequate sleeping space can be crucial to getting a good night's kip.

  • If I chose a fabric bed do I want it to be velvet or another fabric?

Again what fabric you decide on will largely be determined by the style of bedroom you're trying to create. For example, if you want all out glamour then velvet is the obvious choice. Or if you prefer more of a Scandi vibe then a flat weave might be more fitting.

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