Get Organised With Under Bed Storage

March 08, 2021

Under Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage

If your wardrobes are fit to burst and you're struggling to even get a bike in your garage but need extra storage then what do you do? You go down under! And no, we don't mean creating a bunker in your garden. We mean under bed storage, that under utilised spaced that's crying out to be a storage space. But before you start stuffing all you can fit under your bed without rhyme or reason take a little breather. Without a doubt the best way maximise on under bed storage is with a few clever storage ideas. Whilst you want to be able to fit as much as you can in that space you should try and keep it organised and contained. From under bed drawers on castors to swanky Ottoman beds there's a storage solution for everyone. Read on to find the perfect solution for you. For more under bed storage ideas you can visit our Pinterest page here.

Under Bed Storage


Under Bed Storage – Drawers

If you love your bed frame but want to use that no man's land under the bed then under bed drawers are a perfect solution. Furthermore, if you're looking to increase your storage space without breaking the bank then this could be perfect fix. You can pick up under bed drawers from a variety of place. Just a quick search on Google and you'll be presented with a breadth of options. However, if you're up for an upcycle project you could use some old drawers and just add castors. A lick of paint, perhaps some new handles you're onto a winner. Indeed, not only is this an economical solution but it will look bespoke too.

Under Bed Storage


Under Bed Storage – Boxes

Sometimes the best storage solutions are the most obvious as well as the simplest. Whilst the humble box may not be the most innovative storage solution it is certainly one of the most practical. Furthermore, it also one of the most purse friendly options. However, you don't want your space to look like you've just moved in and therefore you should invest in attractive boxes. We would also recommend staying clear of anything flimsy as these boxes are going to have some hard work to do!

Under Bed Storage


Under Bed Storage – Divan Bed With Drawers

If you're in the market for a new bed then it is definitely worth taking a look at our range of divan beds with drawers. These are basically beds with drawers built into them. Indeed, you can purchase a divan bed with 2 to 4 drawers depending on your needs. Whilst divan beds used to have a bit of a bad rep, think frilly valances, they have come on in leaps and bounds. Indeed, today's divan beds are a far cry from those in times gone buy. In fact, they are now becoming one of the most sought after beds. Your Gran would be proud!

Under Bed Storage


Under Bed Storage – Ottoman Beds

We're not going to lie. When it comes to under bed storage we think you'll be hard pressed to beat one of our Ottoman beds. Indeed, when it comes to storage, these babies know how to deliver! In fact, did you know that you can get up to four times the amount of storage in an Ottoman as a divan bed. Nope we're not telling porkies either! Furthermore, our Ottoman bed keeps all your storage cleverly disguised and so no one will ever know that you're a secret hoarder. More shoes anyone? All our Ottoman beds feature hydraulic arms meaning you don't have to be Popeye to access the storage either. You can thank us later! For all our Ottoman bed just click

Under Bed Storage

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