Fabric Divan Beds - All You Need To Know

April 11, 2021

Get Savvy With Our Fabric Divan Beds

If you're looking for a new bed with a bit of style then you may want to take a peek at our fabric divan beds. Yep you read that right, we did say that fabric divan beds are stylish. And no, we're not going mad! You need to cast aside all your past beliefs about divan beds and take a leap of faith.Stick with us her. We can assure you that modern divan beds are worlds apart from divans of the past. Not only are fabric divan beds easy on the eye but they can be practical to boot. Indeed, all our divans come with the option of having drawers which is fantastic if you're looking to expand your storage. For all our fabric divan beds just click here.

Fabric Divan Beds


Fabric Divan Beds – Wide Choice Of Colours


One of the most fabulous things about our divan bed range is that they come in almost every colour imaginable. Want a grey divan bed? We've got it covered. Prefer a richly coloured blue bed? No problem. Or perhaps you want to showcase your feminine side with a pink bed, then we can help there too! In fact, we can't think of a colour that we don't have on offer. Whatever colour tickles your fancy, we've got a divan bed that will hit the spot.

Fabric Divan Beds


Fabric Divan Beds - Customise With A Headboard


The other advantage of choosing a divan bed is that you can pick from a variety of different headboards. From oversized boutique style headboards to traditional chesterfield styles. The only limit is your imagination. So go on, go crazy, we're giving you permission! We've even got a headboard, as featured below, that is reminiscent of the Art Deco period.

Fabric Divan Beds


Fabric Divan Beds – Storage Options


The jewel in the crown has to be the fact all our divan beds are available with drawers for that valuable extra storage space. Let's be honest, the space under the bed is often underutilised. Indeed, many of us have been guilty of shoving things into the abyss under the bed, never to be seen again! However it doesn't need to be that way and a divan bed with drawers might be just the answer you're looking for. Furthermore, you'll feel a lot more organised and don't forget a tidy bedroom can actually help you to sleep. 

Fabric Divan Beds


Fabric Divan Beds – Great Proportions


The other advantageous thing about divan beds is that their proportions are neat and tidy. In other words, a divan bed will take up less floor space than a bedstead for example. This is particularly useful if your bedroom has more demure proportions. Indeed, our 4 ft divan beds are extremely popular because you can still get a respectable amount of sleeping space without your bed dominating the bedroom. This is because the mattress always sits on the base and is flush with the sides. This is as opposed to a bedstead where the mattress sits inside a frame. Therefore a divan bed is great option if you're looking to save on those all important inches.

Divan Beds


For more design inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page here.

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