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June 07, 2021

Emerald Green Beds For Jewel Like Glamour

If you want to take your bedroom game to the next level then you should take a look at our emerald green beds.  As you may know, this rich and deep colour is named after the precious gem stone. Therefore, if you want your bedroom to scream luxury then one of emerald green beds could be just the ticket.  Furthermore, many of us are hankering after a Zen like bedroom and green is the perfect palette to nail this.  So if you’re mad for an emerald green bed then take a peek at what we have to offer. For all our emerald green beds just click here

Emerald Green Beds

 Emerald Green Beds – The Loxley 

Say hello to our luscious Loxley. Small in proportions but big on impact, this little firecracker knows how to pack a punch in both style and practicality. Indeed, the headboard on the Loxley is lower than some of our other fabric beds, making it perfect for those bedrooms with more conservative proportions.  Furthermore, the Loxley incorporates Ottoman storage which is a great way of utilising the no mans land space that lurks beneath the bed. After all, if your bedroom is on the dinky side, then you need to salvage any bit of storage you space you can!  

Emerald Green Beds


Emerald Green Beds -  How To Style Your Bed 

So you’ve found a green bed that you’ve fallen in love with and now you’re curious as to how to style it.  Well, as emerald green is such a rich jewel tone then it can work equally with other jewel colours. We’re thinking sapphire blue, citrine yellow and purple amethyst.  Just think of the feeling of decadence you can create with this luxurious and expensive pallet.  Add some gold elements, such as bedsides table and introduce layers of sumptuous fabrics to make your bedroom feel palatial.   

However, an emerald green bed can also be teamed with neutral colours if you prefer a more paired back look.  For a sophisticated vibe then grey and green look fabulous together. If you want to channel your inner boho child then you can add wicker pieces of furniture for a nature inspired look. Add a truck load of house plants and your back to nature bedroom could be the perfect place to recharge your batteries. 

However, if you still want to add a bit of colour then blush pink and green are winning combo that we can’t stop crushing on. Whilst it might seem that this colour duo won’t work we think it’s a match made in interior heaven.  Indeed, the contrast of these two colours can add a contemporary vibe to your space.  

Emerald Green Beds

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