Decluttering Your Bedroom: A Step By Step Guide

February 10, 2021

How To Start Decluttering Your Bedroom

If your bedroom feels more like a dumping ground than a serene sanctuary then the first place to start is by decluttering your bedroom. Without a doubt, a bedroom full of clutter can feel chaotic and not conducive to a good night's kip. However, decluttering can feel like a mammoth task. This is especially true if you've haven't tackled your hoard for years. However, fear not as here at Beds On Legs we're here to help you with decluttering your bedroom. Follow our easy guide and you'll have your own oasis of calm in no time.

Decluttering Your Bedroom

Organise Your Threads

One of the obvious places to start when decluttering your bedroom is with your clothes. Indeed, many of us are guilty of letting our clothes take over your bedroom. The danger with this is that our spaces can end up feeling overly crammed and chaotic. The best place to start with your clothes is by having a good clear out. This is the time to really get ruthless with yourself. If you don't love it or it doesn't fit then it's time it had a new home. If you need some help on how to cull your clothes then Marie Kondo, organising consultant, has some great tips. You can visit her website here.

Tackle That Space Under The Bed

Many of us are guilty of using the space under the bed to 'hide' all sorts of clutter. However, the problem with this is you can often still see it and there is generally no sense of organisation. Therefore, if you ever want anything from the abyss, it often means pulling it all out to rummaging through it! This in itself can become stressful.

Here at Beds On Legs we've got our fair share of nifty storage beds that could help with decluttering your bedroom. Indeed, these beds make great use out of the space under the bed. However, they help to keep it neat, organised and most importunately concealed. You can chose from divan beds with drawers or for maximum storage then why not treat yourself to an Ottoman bed. These ingenious beds can store up to four times the amount as a standard four drawer divan. Take a peek at all our storage beds here.

Decluttering Your Bedroom

Sort Out Your Book Collection

Another thing that often makes a bedroom feel cluttered can be your collection of books. Before you panic we're not suggesting that you bin your favourite reads. However, in your bid for a serene bedroom you do need to get your books in some sort of order.

First and foremost if you have books that you'll never read again or don't like then give them away. This way someone else can get enjoyment out of them and secondly it will free up your space. Once you have the books that you're keeping then organise them on a bookshelf. Try to create some kind of order with them too. Some people like to place them in height order whilst others prefer to stack them. Just do what you think is visually appealing.

Only Display What You Love

If you have a tendency to have lots of little trinkets on display then this too can make your bedroom feel more like a jumble sale than and an oasis of calm. We recommend only have a few key pieces that you really love on display. If it doesn't fill your heart with joy then re home it or give it away. You should also make sure that your ornaments fit in with your overall décor. Indeed, your bedroom needs to feel cohesive to create a feeling of relaxation.

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